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Pros of online gambling regulation in the U.S.


moneyAlmost 2 decades ago, gambling activity was allowed in only 2 states of America, while in other areas it was prohibited by law. However, this situation has recently changed in 180 degrees: in popular majority of states, some betting activities (cards, sweepstakes, slot machines, etc.) are allowed, and only in 2 states (Utah & Hawaii), this activity is banned completely. However, in some parts of a country, gambling is facing some legal obstacles. For example, in Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana and Missouri, law prohibits betting on the ground state. But his ban was bypassed gracefully as casinos become huge barges used formally on water and not on ground.

One in four American adults adore gambling. Therefore, most players have to either to search for best casino sites or to travel for this purpose to other states and cities. A trip to a casino has long been one of regular services provided by American travel agencies. Last year, an average visitor of a casino made 5.8 such trips. An average amount spent by players on such a trip was around $297.2 million. So scale of betting there is just impressive.

Additionally, for 20 years, rates of U.S. betting revenue increased by 2,900% – from $18 billion to $483 billion. This is no surprise considering the fact that 2.6 million U.S.A. citizens have pathological love for gambling; over 3 million people experience serious psychological problems in this regard; and another 15 million are those “at risk.”

Considering all these statistics, President George W. Bush signed a law entitled “Unfair Internet Gambling,” which made online betting, including poker and blackjack, illegal. However, the essence of law remained obscure until 2010, and the amendment to legislation was issued only in 2011, giving a right to determine legitimacy of online casino by authorities in each state separately.

Although the president did not take a clearer shape from this law, but the practice of it has given a good start for industry settlement. The 2011 resolution gave an impetus to the growth of the value of betting companies that provide their services by 3.5 percent. One of the study co-authors, Professor Mark Johnson, said that the industry of online gambling is at a stage when it needs regulation. So once this field is controlled, its customers will benefit from the law, especially minors or problem gamblers. This industry is growing, and it is unclear what online betting types are legal. That’s why U.S. government has to define more clearly its legal gaming concept.



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