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Press Conference: Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden


jay grudenWashington Redskins coach Jay Gruden talks with reporters on Wednesday. The Redskins (4-11) host the Dallas Cowboys (11-4) on Sunday.


On the injury report:

“Did not participate – Jason Hatcher, Trent Williams, knee [for Hatcher] and shoulder [for Williams], same issue. Limited was Chris Baker with his toe and elbow, Gabe Miller with his ankle, Keenan Robinson with his knee and Robert Griffin III with his right shoulder. Full practice – we got a whole list of those guys, I don’t know if you need to hear all of those, do you?”


On quarterback Robert Griffin III’s injury:

“He just sprained his right shoulder a little bit, a little sore today. So we kept him on a limited basis.”


On if the injury was sustained against Philadelphia:

“Yeah, I think so, yeah. Yeah, it was from the game.”


On if he is concerned the injury could threaten Griffin III’s ability to play Sunday:

“Well, it needs to get better. I don’t think it’s a serious deal but if it affects throwing then it could be an issue but right now we are just taking it very precautionary and making sure we get him rest and hopefully he will be ready to go Friday.”


On tackle Trent Williams being named to the Pro Bowl:

“Yeah, I think Trent from day one was voted captain here by the players and he fought through some injuries all year, you know he had a lot of them. He gave us everything he had. He statistically probably gave up more sacks than he ever has but for the most part I still think he is one of the top left tackles in the league and your expectations are so high for somebody that talented that you don’t expect them to get beat ever, but that does happen and we’re obviously proud of the fact that he made it to the pro bowl and we think he very much deserves it.”


On if he is disappointed by linebacker Ryan Kerrigan’s Pro Bowl snub:

“Yeah, disappointed a lot in that one. Ryan had a great year I think he is at 13.5 sacks. You know, the forced fumbles, the consistent play, the durability that he has shown, there’s worthy guys at the position obviously across the league but we definitely thought he should have been recognized in the Pro Bowl.”


On if improving the defense could help Griffin III and running back Alfred Morris:

“Oh, no question. That is absolutely true. As you’re working through young quarterbacks like you are until they are really developed to their max potential, which you know takes some time, obviously you have to surround them with a good defense, No. 1, and you want to surround them with a good running game and that’s the intent. Really no matter who your quarterback this day and age, you want to have a good – you see the difference in Tony Romo’s play from last year with a solid running game, it makes it a lot easier for him. It’s not easy but it’s very beneficial, so moving forward  we definitely want to try to always address our defense and make sure we keep Alfred [Morris] happy and keep him fed.”


On if Griffin III played through his injury:

“I think he played – it was the hit on the sack when Fletcher Cox got the sack. I don’t think really bothered him during the game, I think it just had some lingering soreness after the fact.”


On Griffin III hanging onto the ball on the hit:

“That was one of the most incredible plays ever to hang onto that ball. I don’t know how he did it; I had to ask him on that one. I mean, I froze it, freeze framed it. He shows his strength, but that was impressive. We’ve been stressing ball security – you see that? That’s how good coaches we are [laughter]. But that was a heck of a play to hold onto the ball.”


On if Kirk Cousins would be the other option at quarterback:

“Correct, yes.”


On when he needs to see Griffin III at 100 percent, and on how big of an opportunity Sunday’s game can be for young players:

“Huge opportunity. Robert, I think we will get a look at him – tomorrow they are off for Christmas – and I’m sure he will still figure out a way to get treatment and then Friday I think we’ll see him be able to do a little bit more and I’d like to see him throw Friday for sure to get ready. But for those young guys, Trevardo [Williams], Jackson Jeffcoat, and, shoot, Will Compton who has been playing a lot, [Phillip] Thomas, [Justin] Rogers at corner, we’ve got a lot of guys that are getting some meaningful reps. Gabe Miller is going to play this week. So it’s a great opportunity for these guys to showcase what they can do and for us to evaluate them moving onto next year. It helps our depth for next year, helps what we are looking for in the draft and free agency and all of that. So it’s very, very important for these guys to step up and play well so we can get a great feel for how good they are or how good they can be.”


On if Friday will be the next day to see what Griffin III can do:

“Yeah, I mean he threw a little bit today. He can throw the ball, it’s just a little sore. I think he will be OK. I just want to make sure he doesn’t aggravate it more today. Give him another couple days of rest and be ready to go Friday.”


On tackle Tom Compton:

“Yeah, Tom’s done good. He came in there in the middle of the season, he’s had his ups and downs as we all have offensively. But I think he’s shown the ability and really been good in the running game. He’s stout in the running game, just some of the pass pro issues that we’ve had he’s worked through. Tom’s done a very good job I believe at right tackle and he’s obviously had to fill in at left tackle for Trent [Williams] a couple game when Trent went down, so he’s done good.”


On Williams playing through injuries to make the Pro Bowl:

“Yeah, it says a lot, it also talks about the respect that he has amongst his peers in the NFL. Even though he has been banged up a little bit and hadn’t put up the gaudy numbers as far as sacks allowed or what have you, I think people know what kind of player he is in the running game and pass pro and all that stuff and his consistent approach to the football game. He’s a solid football player, great guy and obviously provides leadership for us at a tough time.”


On what the win did for the team:

“Yeah, I mean at least you have a chance to smile a little bit for a short time but obviously we’re all frustrated with what’s going on and then when the season is over you have to watch other teams play in the playoffs, it’s very frustrating. It is good to see these guys work hard, compete late in the year against teams that have a lot to play for and for them to get a big victory at home in front of our home crowd is very meaningful to a lot of guys, a lot of coaches, a lot of players. Hopefully moving forward it will pay dividends as far as how we work, how we prepare and the consistent approach we have to the game.”


On preparing for the Cowboys when he’s not sure who will be playing:

“You prepare for the Cowboys and you expect to play their best. You expect Dez Bryant and Tony Romo. You expect DeMarco Murray, you expect all their guys and they have got a lot of them. So we’re preparing for what they do and then whoever does it I’m sure [Joseph] Randle’s stepped in and done a nice job as Murray’s replacement. So they have a lot of weapons that can hit you but we are preparing for their best.”


On if he will work out any other quarterbacks if Griffin III can’t play:

“I think he’ll be fine, but I think we’ll judge that on Friday. I don’t anticipate that happening right now.”


On Griffin III’s practice load today:

“He threw a little bit. Just sore.”


On his Christmas plans:

“I’ve got my family coming in – my grandson and my other two sons are flying in.”


On cornerback Trey Wolfe:

“Trey has been impressive in practice. You know, we do one-on-ones and we have competitive periods and Trey has done some good things, but I have not seen that part of it. He’s one of those prospects that we have in the building here that we hope we can gain a lot of work in the offseason and then in training camp. But we’re excited about Trey’s prospects moving forward.”


On his surprise about Kerrigan and punter Tress Way not being selected to the Pro Bowl:

“I mean, a little bit, especially Kerrigan. Kerrigan’s had an outstanding year. He’s been consistent. I did answer that, but you know what, there’s a lot of good players at that position. We know what Ryan means to this franchise. I know he’s probably a little bit upset, but you know it happens. It’s a tough position, but he’s a great player and he’ll get his due sooner than later if he continues to do what he’s doing.”



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