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Mink magnetic lashes: What’s all the hype?

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Eyelash extensions made out of mink fur?  Turns out, it’s one of the more popular options out there and apparently its popularity has been driven up since Beyoncé revealed that they are one of her latest beauty obsessions.  Although false eyelashes have been around since the late 1800s, they’re becoming very trendy these days partly because of celebrity endorsements, but also because of the myriad of options that are now available.  These lashes are becoming the best way to show off the beauty of your eyes without having to apply layers of clunky makeup. Mink magnetic lashes, in particular, make for a gorgeous and extraordinary finishing touch to your make up routine. The application process is actually quite easy to learn and there are several beneficial tools available to help make it fun and stress-free.  In addition, these mink magnetic lashes won’t damage your real eyelashes.  They’re safe, simple to apply yourself and the mink lashes in particular mimic natural eyelashes quite well. The hardest part is figuring out which type is right for you.  Let’s go over some of the hype that’s out there about mink magnetic eyelashes.

Typically, there are four different types of artificial lashes

  1. Mink: Mink lashes are made from the fur of minks and will typically last up to 25 applications. The hair that is used for lashes comes from the tail of the mink.  It tends to have a natural curl that very much mimics human eyelashes.  The mink hair sheds easily off the animal.  It is never plucked or shaved, but instead, gently brushed off.
  2. Synthetic which is made primarily from man-made materials. This can include a variety of recyclable materials including rubber.  Synthetic lashes tend to be the least expensive option and are usually the heaviest.
  3. Human hair: On average, human hair lashes will last between 5-8 applications. Compared to synthetic, they are considered safer and lighter and are also slightly thicker than Mink.
  4. Horse Hair: Similar to the Mink lashes, horsehair lashes is brushed off of the tail.  These tend to be a more expensive option, but are also softer and lighter than Mink.

Sterilization: Each of these products are put through an extensive sterilization process before they are boxed and sold.

Are Mink eyelashes ‘cruelty-free’?

Regarding the farming of the minks themselves, there are strict regulations and guidelines farmers have to follow in order to stay in business.  They are required to provide excellent nutrition and care for their animals and the standards that have been set are based on many years of scientific research according to  The process for the lashes involves brushing the tail and collecting the hair.

Advantages to Mink Magnetic Lashes

  • Because they’re made from organic, natural material, Mink lashes do blend in with existing lashes quite well and create a much more natural look.
  • Once they are on properly, it does become quite challenging to tell the difference between human lashes and the Mink lashes. They tend to blend seamlessly.
  • They are also extremely comfortable, especially when compared to some of the other synthetic options out there. This is primarily due to the fact that they’re so soft and lightweight.
  • Mink lashes are normally much more resilient than others on the market and will, therefore, last longer. They can be worn, on average, up to twenty-five times or more without losing their shape or depth.

Magnetic Mink Lashes come in a variety of lengths and shades so finding ones that fit you’re style and look shouldn’t be a problem.  It’s always a good idea to clean the lashes after every use and keep them stored in their case when not in use to ensure optimal longevity.



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