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Kaine, Allen reach out to voters with new TV spots


Democratic Senate nominee Tim Kaine is on the air Monday with a new TV spot touting his work with former governor and current U.S. Sen. Mark Warner to move Virginia forward.

Repubilcan rival George Allen is also on the air with a new spot that asks the question, Will you still have a job if Washington fails to do its job?

“Looming defense cuts are paralyzing job-creators and families worried about an uncertain future as they see Washington playing politics instead of finding solutions,” said Allen campaign manager Mike Thomas, talking about the new Allen TV spot, titled “Still,” which hits at Kaine on the bipartisan budget deal passed last year that Allen says will lead to devastating job cuts in Virginia.

The Kaine campaign hit back, pointing out that the new spot plays on already-debunked claims made in a series of recent Allen TV ads.

“George Allen was willing to let our government default on its obligations rather than join his own party’s leaders in a compromise – a position that led to a downgrade of our nation’s credit rating. So, it’s not surprising that the ideas he’s furthering make deep defense and domestic cuts, more likely, not less,” said Kaine campaign spokesperson Brandi Hoffine.

The new Kaine spot takes a higher road, featuring Kaine and Warner in an ad titled “Great Team” that highlights the efforts of the two governors to reach across the aisle to work with Virginia Republicans to promote fiscal responsibility and economic development.

“We were a great team in Richmond,” Warner says in the 30-second ad as he walks in front of the Capitol building in Richmond, referencing the work he and Kaine did over nearly a decade to improve business friendliness, recruit companies to the Commonwealth, invest in educating Virginia’s workers, and make tough fiscal decisions to balance the budget.

“Tim is exactly the kind of problem solver we need in the U.S. Senate. Virginia made great strides under his leadership during the worst national recession in 70 years, winning accolades like Best State for Business, Best Managed State, and best state to raise a child,” said Warner.

“I couldn’t be more proud to support Tim’s campaign and look forward to having his bipartisan approach in Washington to help tackle the challenges we face.”

The Allen campaign shot back with a reference to the new spot as being part of a Kaine “Extreme Makeover” series.



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