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Column by Chris Graham
[email protected]

Just wondering …

Where are all the people who were so concerned that The New York Times was playing partisan politics when it reported on allegations of ties between Republican Party presidential candidate John McCain and a female lobbyist that his aides had reportedly warned him could be damaging to his political future?

You know, now that the same Times reported on a link between Democratic New York governor Eliot Spitzer and a high-dollar prostitution ring that led to the resignation of Spitzer, who was until the episode considered a surefire rising star in the Democratic Party and a possible future presidential candidate?

Interesting, ain’t it? How silent it has been, that is?

One was partisan posturing by the liberal media aimed at giving allies in the Democratic Party ammunition to use against someone from the GOP.

The other was good, solid reporting that exposed Spitzer for what he was.

Just wondering again …

Maybe the Times was just doing its job in both cases.

Hear me out on this theory.

The paper spent months investigating the McCain story, and in the end shared what it knew, which assuredly wasn’t all that damning in the final report.

We can debate the newsworthiness of what the paper ended up reporting. I don’t know that I subscribe to the theory that something has to be sensational to be considered newsworthy personally.

Accounts of the Spitzer story give us an idea that the Times spent a lot less time going into the Spitzer story, though it didn’t have to in this case it seems because the information was readily available as a result of a lengthy investigation by the feds.

I don’t know that anybody out there would argue the newsworthiness of what was reported in the Spitzer case – well, OK, it does seem to have the Euros all up in a lather, because they seem not to mind having elected leaders paying prostitutes and having mistresses and other such nonsense.

That having been said, I say we give the Times – and by extension, the rest of the so-called liberal media – its due.



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