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Jonathan Papelbon: “I was in the wrong” with Bryce Harper


washington nationalsWashington Nationals closer Jonathan Papelbon said Friday that he has apologized to teammate Bryce Harper for their dugout confrontation last September and acknowledged that it was his fault.

“I was in the wrong,” said Papelbon, whose reputation as a clubhouse cancer preceded his trade-deadline arrival in D.C. in late July.

A once-dominant closer who has since lost his fastball, Papelbon, 35, had 24 saves in 26 chances and a 2.13 ERA in 2015.

He also had one dugout MVP chokeout in as many chances after confronting Harper for not, in Papelbon’s estimation, running out a short outfield fly ball hard enough.

“It should have never went down that way, and I understand that,” Papelbon said Friday. “I’ve had three months to think about it. I’ve done a lot of reflecting, and I think sometimes in life, good things can come out of bad situations.”

No doubt his reflections have had him pondering how he’s an old closer with a 91-mph fastball who is set to make $11 million in 2016 and thus is damn lucky to continue to be gainfully employed as a professional athlete.

– Story by Chris Graham



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