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How to get the Bwin mobile app on your smartphone

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Despite the fact that some people don’t feel the need to use a mobile betting app for Android and iOS, others like having access to those things. Consequently, some leading online betting platforms create special apps that people can download and install on their devices.

It is important to know that there are different kinds of mobile applications to choose from. Of course, most of them will allow you to place bets on the things you like, but you can also find the so-called “passive betting apps”. The latter can only be used to monitor the bets you’ve placed using the desktop platform.

Even though some iGaming operators don’t offer apps, Bwin is one of the leading names in the business, especially in Bulgaria. That’s why it is among the few brands with a dedicated application for Android and iOS. Since many people probably want to know more about this brand, let’s check how to get the apps on your smartphone.

The app for Android

Android is the world’s leading mobile operating system, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many people use it for online betting. Although it is trendy, the majority of the gambling applications can’t be found on Google Play. So, after you visit Efirbet and see that Bwin Mobile is translated into Bulgarian, you will have to download and install a special apk file to get the application you like.

Like other top-rated iGaming platforms, Bwin wanted to make sure its Android clients were satisfied. Therefore, it optimized the things it offers so that they are accessible on a wide range of smartphones. Since there is an apk file, the first thing you should do is find this thing and download it on your device. Fortunately, Bwin is among the few companies whose apk files can be downloaded from the website.

Once you’re ready, it is time to enable your devices to install files such as this one. You can do that by going to settings and enabling the option that allows you to install apps from unknown sources. After completing these changes, open the apk file and start the installation. The entire process may take up to a couple of minutes, depending on your device.

The app for iOS

Let’s face it, not everyone likes Google’s operating system. Although it is definitely one of the best globally, some people prefer using iOS because they like Apple’s software. That’s one of the reasons why Efirbet has shown its readers that they can get the Bwin mobile app that is translated into Bulgarian on their iPhones.

While it is true that the iOS app is the same as the one for Android, you don’t need apk files to get it. Apple is more friendly towards gambling applications, which means people have to open Google Play and type Bwin’s name to get what they want. The installation process is usually fast, but it depends on which iPhone and iOS version you’re using.

The mobile website

Even though the applications have their advantages, some online bettors prefer using the given operator’s mobile website. Since it doesn’t require the installation of any files, people can start betting right away. They just have to use their login details or create an account to use the operator’s services.

One of the important things to remember about the mobile website is that it doesn’t need to be updated. Furthermore, you can use your browser’s settings and create a web app.

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