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High earnings are easily possible in share trade


share tradingAnyone can have the bank account to do the share trading. At the same time, he has to understand about the trade from basic. A private limited company is doing wonderful business and gets high turnover in money, which company decides to have more partners. Of course the number of adding partners is choice of the company. The government is checking the value of the company and fixing the rate for a share by the public to join in that company. If the company is considered to be the big and doing mass business the company would get even one million share holders for that company, if the company is very small and staffs of the company is less than in hundred and shares are limited for the company, that company could sell limited sales for their share this amount would be higher, even hundred dollars would be for single share. With all the collection of the company would be moving for higher rank in the business. That company even would get export orders and supply in bulk to the other countries. In this way, a company could gain more profit.

Profit is shared for the share holders

Once the company is going in peak the company would be earning more money. After a year the company calls all the share holders to receive their incentive money that is earned money of the share holder, and offering this money to a share holder. In case, the company is not earning more money the company would be in struggle. The company would not be able to sell anything to the other companies. In this way, all stocks would be at their position, only once the order is received from other companies the company would be in earning position. At this bad position the company even would not be able to pay salary for all its workers. The working persons of that company would be searching job, and finding better job and they quit the job by taking some money. Even this money would not be paid by the company; company would be informing to collect the salary once the company is well settled in the share market. The people would be buying share only through, licencēts brokeris, these brokers even canvas the business by visiting to the home of the share buyers. Of course, the brokers would not give any guarantee for the profit, because the share market is based on the risk only. Once the government is having enough gold, the companies would be paid from the government, and the share holders would be receiving high profit.

Share price downs at many times due to financial crisis

Mutual funds are accepted by the companies, this fund is rotated in the business. The business is dull in the company which received money from share holder would be low at this time. In this connection, a person purchased for one dollar for a share, this person would receive only twenty five cents for his single share. At this time, selling the share to the company back would loss for the share holders. In this way the a share holder is accepting the profit or loss in the agreement, so the share holder cannot fight even with the court, because, when the company is not running in good condition, the government would be arresting all the shares of the company. In this connection, only waiting is required until the company grows to the better level. People with knowledge, would not sell when the price is down, these people are wise people, and they wait for a year or more years. Once the company coming back to the strong level the share price would be increasing twenty five cents of the share would be increased even up to one hundred dollars depending upon the share market trend. In this connection, a buyer who has purchased five hundred shares would be becoming rich for buying the shares of the company.  Investors always planning to invest in the good companies, but unfortunately the companies are failing in their share result, same time, even the poor company is blossoming with high revenue at some times, at this time a person who has purchased some numbers of shares would become rich in single day. However, a person before buying the mutual bond should have to check the background of the company. This is very essential for big investment.

At the same time, investing low money would be an ideal for all. Even if the money downs in the company, share holder would not be feeling for the same. Because, he has spent only very little money on share, so even he could wait for ten years to see the money is coming with profit. Generally, trend changes in the share market, at times information technology would be in peak, at times banking sector would be in better position, at times information technology would be in high position. The person must have to select the best sector before investing his money on share. Wise people would be watching the entire trend in the share market, once they find oil and refineries are in good position, these people are investing their money in oil sector. However, oil is necessary commodity in this case, oil would not be so easily falling down in the share market.  There are good brokers are available to give suggestion for the investor to invest their money. It is wise to take their advice in investing money on share market. Same time, many people blindly invest their money without considering the background of the companies; at the end all the money would be loss to them. Even these people would be regretting for their mistake in investing money on share without consulting any agent for investment plans. However, it is clearly understood, a person is his investing his money on share means, he must be ready to face loss also, at the same time, and he must be ready to wait for some years to improve the company performances.



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