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Establishing allies in business and politics: Tevfik Arif, Kanat Saudabayev, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Guiliani, Tamir Sapir and Donald Trump


Entrepreneur Tevfik Arif has successfully forged strategic alliances with prominent business and political leaders across the world to build a thriving global enterprise.

Tevfik Arif was born in 1953 to a Turkish family living in the former Soviet Union. He was the second son in a family of four boys. Arif’s childhood is somewhat of a mystery, as he preferred to keep this part of his life private.  What is known to some is his early years positively shaped his personal character and work ethic  to become the successful business leader he is today.

Arif honed his business and negotiating skills at the Moscow Institute of Trade and Economics where he earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations. His education would propel him into an illustrious career as a public servant and businessman.

Public Service Shapes a Young Arif

Arif began his career as a civil servant in the former Soviet Union. During his 17 years of service to the government, Arif held in a number of distinguished positions, first as the chief economist and later earning a promotion to the position of deputy head of the Hotel Management Department, a division of the Ministry of Commerce and Trade. While working for the Ministry, Arif improved the hospitality industry with excellent services provided by many hotels.

Arif resigned from his position in the government ministry in 1991 to pursue a career in the private sector. His former position in the government provided the opportunity to network and collaborate with several business leaders and private companies and utilize  these connections  to diversify his business interests. Drawing upon his education and growing professional experience, Arif was able to quickly  establish himself  as a successful business entrepreneur.

Arif Enters the Private Sector

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Arif and his brother became the owners of a chromium plant, Akytyubinsk Chromium Chemicals Plant (ACCP), located in the newly independent country of Kazakhstan. As a businessman operating in a new market, Arif made it a priority to establish connections within the world of business and politics.

He created working relationships with prominent businessmen and investors including   Patokh Chodiev and Alijan Ibragimov, who became leaders in metal and raw material operations during the privatization of industry in Kazakhstan. Arif also formed critical connections with influential political leaders in Kazakhstan and Turkey, including Kanat Saudabayev, the current Secretary of State of Kazakhstan who is responsible for strengthening Kazakh-US relations.

Tevfik Arif also founded the Specialty Chemicals Trading Company that specialized in importing and exporting metals and raw materials. Arif later worked in Kazakhstan as a representative for Trans World Group, a commodity trading company founded by David and Simon Reuben, continuing his efforts to build important allies in the world of business. His industrious work ethic and ability to navigate complex business deals helped to transform the company into the world’s third-largest aluminum producer.

In a region of the world rich in natural resources, his business endeavors were prosperous and quickly expanded. Arif had proven himself as an enterprising and skilled business professsional and began reaping the rewards from his successful ventures. His achievements provided him an opportunity to broaden his business holdings.

Arif Expands into the United States Real Estate Market

After successful ventures in raw materials and commodities trading, Tevfik Arif entered the  real estate management industry and has since become a world-renowned real estate developer. His early real estate ventures were focused in Turkey, with the development of the luxury Labada Hotel in Antalya, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Finding success in this sector, he decided to expand his property development portfolio to the U.S. market, a natural progression for the savvy entrepreneur.

Arif founded Bayrock Group LLC in 2001 in New York City. From his previous experience entering new markets, Arif understood the value of creating close working relationships with prominent business and political leaders. His perceptive networking and collaboration skills have been an important aspect in all of his business endeavors.

Once established in New York, he made concerted efforts to forge partnerships with members of both the Democratic and Republican political parties in the U.S. Establishing excellent connections with political leaders at the local, state and federal level of government is especially useful for real estate developers, as they are subject to numerous zoning and building regulations. Also, by connecting with government officials on both sides of the political divide, business leaders are able to have access to elected officials, regardless of the party in power

He made it a priority to establish a relationship with Hillary Clinton, who at the time was a Democratic U.S. Senator representing New York, even contributing to her 2008 U.S. presidential campaign. Arif was also introduced to former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and made campaign contributions to the politician’s Republican presidential campaign.

Bayrock Group LLC set up their offices in Trump Tower and developed a working relationship with real estate developer  Donald Trump, a world-renowned New York City real estate investor who would later become Republican President of the United States.

Bayrock Group LLC Becomes a Leading New York Real Estate Developer

The first project completed by Arif’s new US venture was the development of Loehmann’s Seaport Plaza, a shopping center located in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. Bayrock Group partnered with the real estate investment firm Sapir Organization, founded by self-made billionaire Tamir Sapir who emigrated to the US from the former Soviet Union country of Georgia, on the development of a luxury hotel complex called Trump SoHo.

The 391-unit hotel and condominium venture obtained a name licensing agreement with the Trump Organization. All the development and construction of the tower was executed by Bayrock and the Sapir Organization.

Bayrock Group also began development on the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Fort Lauderdale, Florida under a similar licensing agreement. Arif and Bayrock Group’s working relationship with Trump came to an end in 2008 due to the collapse of the housing market. Arif made a sound strategic business decision to divert funding to his remaining investments and interests across the globe.

Building a Business Legacy

After establishing  himself  as a successful, global, business entrepreneur, Tevfik Arif has partially retired from his family’s business dealings. As a shrewd negotiator and effective deal maker, he continues to advise the company on global business strategy and investment. He has also devoted a significant amount of his current time and efforts to philanthropic endeavors.

As a private citizen and formal civil servant, Arif understands the vital importance of community. To support his local community, Arif has contributed financially to Chabad of Port Washington NY, a prominent Jewish community organization located near his home on Long Island in New York. His donation helps to fund the organization’s preschool program, athletic center and other public outreach programs.

Tevfik Arif has always sought to grow global endeavors  with a passion for cultures around the world, which has brought him global success and recognition. He has used his diverse cultural background, networking and collaboration skills, an ability to understand the needs of his clients. As well as  His keen eye for business strategyhelps build a prosperous international business. The relationships he has built through his business ventures have  provided Tevfik Arif many valuable opportunities to expand his business into the thriving global enterprise it is today.





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