newse w jackson pledges reduce government burdens small business

E.W. Jackson pledges to reduce government burdens on small business


ew jacksonE.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Virginia, spoke this week regarding his plans to help small business.

“Everywhere I go in the Commonwealth, people are worried about jobs and the economy. The uncertainty created by Obamacare and other government regulations are crippling growth.

“Having run a number of small businesses, I know first hand the struggles of entrepreneurs facing burdensome government regulations that harm job creation and economic growth. It is important for entrepreneurs to have an advocate who will on day one focus on making government work for them instead of the other way around. As Lieutenant Governor, I will focus my efforts on reducing the layers of government red tape that make it increasingly difficult to be a small business owner in Virginia. Our movement will continue to work with all Virginians in finding solutions that get government out of the way of job creators and make the Commonwealth the best state for business in the nation.

“My opponent’s record on supporting small business is very different. Ralph Northam has been in the state Senate for nearly six years and in that time, he has submitted 87 bills.

“Of those 87 bills, only 5 of them – or 6% of the total – have had anything to do with job growth or economic development.  This at a time when the unemployment rate in Norfolk, within his Senate district, was nearly 10%. That record should be unacceptable to all Virginians who see small business as a key element in boosting our economy.

“Instead of a Lieutenant Governor who would rather focus on divisive social issues and be a cheerleader for Obamacare, we need someone who will focus on limiting the regulatory issues small business owners face and work hard at getting all Virginians back to work. People deserve a Lieutenant Governor who will focus on the issues that matter most to Virginia’s families all of the time, not just to pursue an ambition for statewide elective office.”



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