ACC Teleconference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer

ACC Teleconference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


virginia tech frank beamerVirginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer talks with reporters on Wednesday on the ACC coaches teleconference.

COACH BEAMER: Well, we got to get over a tough loss and go play a very tough football team at their place. Whenever Boston College and Virginia Tech get together, it’s usually close, very hard-fought, a very tough football game. I think this is going to be the same way. We know what we got. It’s not going to be a surprise. Got to go play a great football game to have a chance to beat Boston College. Questions.

Q. Living in a ‘what have you done for me lately’ profession, how have you remained focused and how do you keep your team focused at this time as well? How do you potentiality out the noise?
COACH BEAMER: You got to remember to really concentrate on what you can control. The only thing we can control right now is how we play against Boston College. Getting ready to make a great preparation to go up there to play. That’s it. I’m always talking about football is like life. It’s a lesson I think you got to learn. Things are not quite right for you, you better concentrate on the things you can control, attack those and do them the best you can. That’s the only thing you can do.

Q. As far as quarterback Michael Brewer coming off of his first dominant role since his injury, what can you say about his effort and where the quarterback situation is going forward.
COACH BEAMER: You know, he’s a tough guy. I tell you, he’s taken some shots and gotten back up and thrown the ball when he knew he was going to take a shot. He’s back. He brings some experience there. Certainly (Brenden) Motley has some athletic ability and a lot to offer at quarterback, as
well. And we got a freshman, (Dwayne) Lawson, that we’ve been really impressed with, too. Right now, I think Brewer certainly gives us our best opportunity to win.

Q. Frank, somebody who has appreciated good defenses over the years, what do you think of Boston College’s defense, the way they just don’t seem to give away anything?
COACH BEAMER: No, they’re strong up front. They got a good scheme. Play it well. Do a lot of things back there, and they do them well. You know, somewhat like last week, you got to be sharp on the other side. Again, you know a good defensive front when you see it. Boston College certainly has got a good one.

Q. When you play a four-overtime game, I believe that’s the first one in ACC history, and you wind up on the losing end of it, you played how many minutes of football, what does that feel like physically for your guys, and mentally for everybody, including the coaches?
COACH BEAMER: Yeah, again, we had a tough loss. You’re right, tough in a lot of ways: physically, mentally. But that’s life. We’re preaching how do you come back from that, how do you prepare for the next one. You’re going to have disappointment and tough things that happen to you in life. To me, we’re kind of teaching life lessons around here. I’m hoping we’ll come back strong and be strong.

Q. When you looked back at it on film, was there a reason why your two-point play didn’t work and theirs did?
COACH BEAMER: Well, they got pressure on us off the edge quickly, brought a guy that we didn’t want them to bring. They did a good job. Give them credit. Called a good defense at the right time.

Q. Talk about playing against Boston College. You used to play each other in the old Big East every year.
COACH BEAMER: Yeah, again, we played them a lot. Had some great games. It’s always a tough football game, very physical football game. It always has been. Had a couple different coaches up there while I’ve been there. But it’s always been the same Boston College regardless of which coach you’re talking about. I think that’s them. They’re good on the offensive line, defensive line. Tough guys, big guys, physical guys. I think the thing that Boston College has done is I think they’ve added more skill to their offense and defense and special teams. They do a great job with their special teams. I think adding skill there has really helped them. But a good football team. A football team that have had some tough losses, too. But you see improvement, you see very good fundamentals, a team, again, that we’re going to have to play really well to have a chance to beat.

Q. Boston College’s roster, they have a quarterback with a last name that is famous up there, a kid named Flutie. What is it like going to have to face the other generation?
COACH BEAMER: I just hope he doesn’t have any miracles going for him this week like I guess his, what, uncle did. I’ve seen that play over and over many times like most people. I have great respect for that play, the Flutie name. I’m sure he looks up to his uncle. He does some things that certainly concern you. He’s a very smart quarterback and a guy that can do some things.

Q. You have a couple of young offensive players that have come on this year for you. Can you talk about their development, how they’ve helped your team.
COACH BEAMER: You look at our wide receiver group, (Isaiah) Ford, (Cam) Phillips, (Bucky) Hodges, all young guys that have really led us. Then running back (Travon) McMillian, he’s a young guy that has really led us. Then we got a couple, (Shai) McKenzie and (Marshawn) Williams, that I think are going to be very good in the future. It’s been one of those teams that we’ve had to go through some growing pains, but we’re going through with very good players. Got a good future.

Q. Defensively where do you look for that unit to get better?
COACH BEAMER: Well, again, we had I think three freshmen in the game at the same time in our last game. We just had some injuries there. Freshman I think is a tough position to play as a secondary guy. When something happens back there, usually it’s big and very obvious, noticeable. But they’re going to be great players. I’ve said this a couple times. We lost two guys that are going to play in the NFL, and we’re playing some freshmen now that will play in the NFL. Just going through some learning and getting some experience with those guys, we’re doing that right now. But overall I’ve been proud of the way our kids have played, how hard they’ve played. Got to keep grinding.



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