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4 ways to stand out from the crowd: Create a unique look

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Looking chic and trendy is about creating a careful balance between two fashion facets – following the latest style celebrities and current runway models presented by top couturiers. And, attire that suits your personality. If you like what you’re wearing and feel confident, it will show through in how you move. Style is all about expressing the person inside and projecting your inner spark. Check out these tips that are sure to make you look unique and appealing without investing in lavish outfits.

Rent couture instead of purchasing

The exciting thing about looking fashionable is that you can now hire dresses for every event. Various online rental stores offer a stunning collection of the latest dresses, gowns, and other apparel to suit any occasion. Whether you need summer or winter dresses, daywear or evening wear, or just something nice for a date, you can scan through catalogs and pick out the outfit you like.

The store taking your order will assist you with selecting the perfect outfit along with the appropriate sizes. They’ll also make minor alterations for a perfect fit. Next, search for matching accessories, and you’re good to go. When you’re done, return the dress and pay the rental charges.

Express who you are with a tattoo

Tattoos are an excellent way to let the adventurous side of your personality peek through. Each body art says something about your thought processes and is as unique as the person sporting it. Tattoos can be incredibly versatile, and you can pick out designs in a combination of patterns such as a dreamcatcher tattoo. Originally a Native American concept, dreamcatchers are designed to ward off nightmares and negative energies while allowing positive thoughts to flow in. Show off your art with clothing that complements and enhances the design, and you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Make a style statement with a single piece

A simple secret that fashionistas will reveal is that a single accessory can grab attention and make an instant style statement. Choose a stylish scene-stealing bag or chunky jewelry to highlight a single-color monochromatic dress or flowing gown. Look for accessories in flashy colors and prints, extra-large sizes, or embellishments like beads, pearls, feathers, and sequins to add the Wow factor. To go with the earlier example, instead of renting an entire outfit, you can hire a trendy bag, shoes, or a gorgeous scarf for variations in the silhouettes.

Choose clothing that flatters your age and body structure

Wanting to be chic and stylish also means choosing apparel that flatters your age and body structure in colors that suit your skin tone. Over time, every person develops a personal dressing sense that is like a signature and defines who they are. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but pick out fashion that can be instantly recognized as just you.

Dressing up and stepping out in style is fun and exciting. Trust your instincts and wear apparel that makes you feel fantastic. And, that’s the look you’ll project.

Story by Alex Simon. Simon is interested in fashion, style, and beauty and has published many articles pertaining to these topics in publications worldwide.

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