Poll: Americans now evenly divided on Trump impeachment

donald trumpThe Internet just about broke down two weeks ago when we reported that a third of Americans backed the impeachment of President Trump.

A new survey of voters from Public Policy Polling out today has the electorate split evenly on the Trump impeachment issue.

The numbers: 46 percent in favor, 46 percent opposed.

The number backing impeachment was 35 percent two weeks ago, and 40 percent last week.

Not a good trend, indeed, for a president who has been in office all of three weeks at this point.

Also not good when you consider that it’s hard to say what Trump could have done to specifically invite articles of impeachment, though his fight with the judiciary over his unconstitutional Muslim immigration and travel ban could move in that direction over time.

From a polling perspective, 53 percent of Americans say they trust judges more to make the right decisions on constitutional issues, to 38 percent who trust Trump more. Significantly, 51 percent of Trump voters think the president should be able to personally overturn decisions that he doesn’t agree with, which may only embolden him to be more Nixonian as the constitutional crisis plays out, and we of course all know how that ended for that Nixon fellow.

Ethics issues could also end up playing a role in Trump’s eventual downfall in the minds of voters. Sixty-two percent think Trump needs to fully divest himself from his business interests, and 58 percent think he needs to release his tax returns.

Trump, for his part, wants to be able to use the Oval Office to promote his daughter’s clothing line, among other Trump Organization interests.

Other tidbits from the poll data:

  • Just 32 percent support a 20 percent tax on items imported to the United States from Mexico, and only 37 percent of voters want the wall if taxpayers have to front the cost.
  • Forty-seven percent support the Affordable Care Act, to 39 percent who don’t, and only 32 percent think repeal is the best course of action to take on healthcare reform, to 65 percent who think Congress should just fix the parts that need fixing.
  • The New York Times swamps Trump in a credibility head-to-head by a 52-37 margin.
  • Fifty-one percent of Trump voters think the Bowling Green Massacre is evidence of why Trump’s immigration ban is needed. No doubt a mean pollster’s trick, but still.

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