Wittman urges Pelosi to cancel August recess

Rob Wittman
Rob Wittman

Congressman Rob Wittman is pushing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to cancel the House’s August recess in light of the work on the budget still to be done.

As scheduled, there are just 21 legislative days prior to August recess. The House’s appropriations timeline has been compressed by President Biden’s late budget submission. Should the House fail to pass all 12 appropriations bills, they will be forced to pass either a continuing resolution or allow the government to shutdown.

“Thanks, in part, to President Biden’s late budget submission – the latest in history – there are just 21 legislative days left until August recess,” Wittman (R-VA-01) said. “The House has yet to begin floor consideration of any of the 12 appropriations bills we must pass. We must also address our economy’s failure to recover as expected, work towards a possible infrastructure package, and promote a free and fair investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much left to do, it is unconscionable for the House to take a month off. We were elected to deliver results. We must remain in Washington to finish the job.”

Prior to this letter, Wittman introduced the Stay on Schedule (S.O.S) Resolution, which would prohibit Congress from taking an August Recess unless all 12 appropriations bills have passed the House.

Wittman has further introduced the No Budget, No Pay Act, eliminating member salaries should the House fail to pass a budget by April.

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