Top 10 most discussed about sports logos

People love to talk about things that draw their attention and cool logos represent one of the most efficient methods companies use to make customers discuss about them. A logo is not only a nice image that represents a company but it is rather a cultural element, a link between the brand and its customers, giving people the feeling that they’re part of a group.

These Are The Top Ten Most Discussed Sports Logos

When it comes to making a list of logos, it is important to group them into different categories, depending on the sport they represent. This being said, let’s have a look at the most discussed logo designs from the most popular sports in North America:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball


The Most Talked About Football Logos

Football fans definitely noticed the symbol of Cleveland Browns, even though this is not their official logo. The image, which looks like an orange helmet, has attracted lots of discussions, lots of people asking if the team will ever change it for an official symbol.

South Carolina’s cool logo is an image you cannot forget too easily. The red angry rooster makes some people laugh, while others feel motivated by that ferocious creature. Red is also used by Washington Redskins, a team which chose a simple logo that looks like an indian’s head looking right. Many people think the association between an indian and the name “redskin” is inappropriate but fans feel connected to it and they think of this design as of a cultural symbol.

People who use odds comparison websites always talk about sports logos and Indianapolis Colts is a name that’s almost all the time on their lips, as their symbol is really simple, yet full of meaning.


Baseball Symbols People Talk About All The Time

When it comes to baseball, the list of logos people talk about is long but we will only discuss about the most popular ones. Atlanta 400 Fan Club has a simple, yet popular image fans simply adore. Even though lots of people know about it, its popularity cannot compare to the symbol of the New York Yankees. This design can be considered a brand itself, as it appears on many clothes cool people wear all over the world. Kingwood Rebels also have an easy-to-remember graphic representation which looks like an angry ball, ready to bite the opponents at any time. The list goes on with the Dodgers’ logo, represented by a ball that’s going for a home run.

Most Popular Basketball Teams’ Images

With so many famous basketball symbols, it is hard to only pick a few but we’ll talk about the ones which generate rumors.

Chicago Bulls’ logo is a classic, making people go crazy every time they see it. Brooklyn Nets comes on the second place, while the symbol of Raptors can be placed on the third place, considering its popularity. After you see these logos, tennis predictions will surely not seem as interesting as before.


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