The 4 hidden benefits of adding immigrants and expats to your business’ team

businessHiring is never as easy as it seems on the surface, is it?

After all, candidates come from all walks of life in terms of their experience and backgrounds. You never know who’s going to walk through the proverbial door.

However, there’s much more to any given applicant than what’s scribbled on their respective resumes.

While of course it’s paramount for business owners to hire the best candidates for the job, immigrants and expats offer something truly different in terms of employees. For those who have hang-ups about such workers, perhaps time to consider some of the benefits of bringing talent on your team who have an unconventional background.

And no matter what sort of business you’re running, whether it’s brick and mortar or something digital, these upsides still apply.

Commitment and Loyalty

Simply put, expats strive to avoid job-hopping if at all possible. Unlike more fickle workers who may constantly be looking for greener pastures, those in the country for the desire to work and earn money aren’t going to be playing games with you.

Think about it. When you’re sending remittance to your home country, you’re obviously much less likely to simply up and leave any given gig.

This obviously doesn’t mean you should take advantage of such workers’ situations, but rather consider how their commitment serves as a comfort. It’s nice to not have to second-guess about someone potentially bouncing, right? Likewise, consider opportunities to allow such workers upward movement and the ability to put in the hours if they see fit.

Work Ethic

If someone went through the hoops and red tape specifically to work in this country, they obviously have every intent to make good use of their time.

Demonstrating strong work ethic is something you should expect of all your employees, but expats again have the incentive to go the extra mile. When you welcome an expat and provide them with opportunities to rise to the occasion, they tend to return the favor.

Unique Skill Sets

Don’t knock the skills of any given expat applicants. Bear in mind that foreign colleges, universities and trade schools can equip such workers just as well as the same schools at home (if not better, in some cases)

Furthermore, don’t neglect soft skills such as patience, empathy and teamwork which may be traits of your potential new hire’s culture.

At the end of the day, you need someone to get the job done and show up, right? You may be surprised at just how well someone from a different background can do just that based on their strengths.

Diversity and New Perspective

Speaking of culture, let’s talk for a moment about company culture.

When your entire workforce comes from the same background, new ideas and inspiration might be hard to come by. The reality? Many workplaces lack diversity which has a significant impact on employee morale and productivity.

In fact, there’s the oft-cited statistic that companies with a diverse workforce are actually more profitable.

That’s not to say that companies should strive to meet some arbitrary quota, but bear in mind that many businesses are indeed operating in sort of global marketplace. The insight and perspective offered by expat employees could indeed be eye-opening for companies whose workforce lacks diversity.

Again, hiring the best talent for your company is absolutely crucial; however, perhaps it’s time to consider why more diverse backgrounds could signal good business. Next time you’re looking to bring on some new employees, just keep these pointers in the back of your mind.


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