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Should you outsource your IT department if you have remote workers?

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For many of us, the prospect of working from home is a dream come true, and the pandemic lockdowns have made it a reality. It’s become commonplace these days for companies to give their employees the option to work from home, and most find that productivity goes up while costs go down. Many change-resistant supervisors were reluctant to make the transition from on-site to remote work, fearing their employees would spend their day pretending to work while actually streaming Tiger King and working on their sourdough recipes. When put into practice, remote work harnessed the power of a workforce confined to their homes, helping to protect our nation’s health and preserve our economy. Being forced to work from home proved both to workers and management teams that remote work works. Everyone knows buying or renting office space for employees and contractors can gobble up a sizable portion of a company’s budget, so it’s no surprise that remote working just makes sense for many businesses.

But, as with most things, there’s a dark side to remote work as well

If you have remote employees, there’s always the threat of a hacker working from his parent’s basement infiltrating your company and destroying all of your hard work. Information security is one of the essential components of any business, but it’s especially true for online businesses. Suppose you have trade secrets, proprietary information such as customer lists, or other sensitive data on your website that you don’t want exposed to a malevolent third party. It would help if you had the guidance and protection of a dedicated Information Technology professional, but sometimes that’s not possible or practical, especially in expensive Southern California. For instance, if you have multiple locations or need round-the-clock coverage, your IT staffing needs may exceed your actual budget.

A Los Angeles IT consulting firm can assist you

More and more companies now exist in Southern California that offer to manage the technology needs of small businesses through outsourcing. When considering outsourcing your IT services, you should first evaluate your current situation: which problems you need to prioritize, and what you need help with the most. It’s important to find a firm with expertise in your field that can offer a customized solution to address your areas of need. Finally, you need to make sure they can train your employees and provide you with cyber security measures to protect your business.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the consulting firm has the capacity to manage information security in compliance with local and global requirements; this is especially important if they manage part of your IT infrastructure remotely and if you provide services to other jurisdictions or countries.

Before you decide if outsourcing your IT department is right for your small business, there are several significant benefits to consider.

For example:

  • You don’t have to pay for employee insurance.
  • You’ll benefit from wider access to a vast array of experts.
  • You’ll have access to cutting-edge technology, without having to purchase it yourself.
  • You’ll share risk with your IT service provider, who’s responsible for data security and protection.
  • You can use consulting fees as a tax write-off.
  • You’ll ensure that your employees are set up on your network and properly trained in using the technology by expert consultants.
  • You will be free to focus on your core competencies.

Outsourcing your IT department is a viable, affordable option for many small businesses. IT consulting companies have the talent, expertise, and resources to deliver results that surpass expectations, offering competitive rates without sacrificing quality.

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