Resident encourages vote for Terry Kent for revenue post

terry kent
Terry Kent

I would like to encourage citizens of Waynesboro to vote for Terry Kent on Nov 2nd for Commissioner of the Revenue. My husband Alan and I first met Terry years ago at his video store. He was always so friendly and helpful. Many years later, our paths crossed again when my family was visiting churches across the area. We remembered him from the video store so long ago because he made such a positive impression on us. Terry was one of the first to greet and welcome us at the church with his friendly charismatic demeanor! It worked and we have been at the church ever since and consider Terry a close friend.

As a vocation, I teach work readiness skills to young adults. Terry would be one I could use as a role model for my lessons on customer service as he epitomizes what it should look like. Terry’s interpersonal skills and work ethic are top notch.

My father recently told me that he worked with Terry’s father at Dupont.  He remembers that he and his wife were folks who had a reputation of just being great people who everyone liked.  My response was, “I guess the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Terry is the same way.” And we don’t know anyone who’s love for Waynesboro runs as deep as Terry’s. When he talks, you can hear genuine care for the city and its residents.

In the world today, one must be careful who they trust, but we can say without a doubt that Terry is one of the most trustworthy, dependable, hardworking, smart people we know.  But at the same time is also kind and grace filled. He is a perfect balance. Which is what is needed as a Commissioner of the Revenue. Someone who will do the job while really listening to the folks he serves.  Which is important given the Commissioner of the Revenue has no supervisor and really doesn’t report to anyone other than the citizens of Waynesboro.  If you want someone who will be available, really hear you, and do what is right, Terry Kent is your man!

Letter from Pam Foster/Waynesboro

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