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UVA Football News and Notes: Delaney’s range, State D

Chris Graham


uva footballUVA senior placekicker Brian Delaney has made 15 straight field goals, dating back to the Miami game mid-last season.

His career long is 49 yards.

He thinks he can go 59.

Correction: he knows he can go 59.

How he knows …

“It’s something we evaluate each week, every Wednesday or Thursday at practice, we’ll see,” Delaney said in a Zoom on Tuesday. “We won’t hit too many from long just trying to save the leg, but we’ll see where it’s at. I think last week, going into the game, we were from 59. Pregame we hit from 56. So, it’s kind of something you evaluate in the week beforehand, just see how the leg feels. And then when it comes on game day, it’s going to vary based on stadium and win condition. We normally figure it out each game, and it’s normally somewhere around the 55 range.”

OK, so, he knows he can go 55.

In a pinch, though, 59 is in the realm.

“That’s just honestly, I think it’s just what we can do,” he said. “But you know, it’s rare that you’re in that situation to hit one of those in a game. Because most the time, that could either be four-down territory or something. So that’s normally only an end of the half situation. It’s just, I think most kickers at this level can hit can hit those deep kicks. It’s just, those opportunities aren’t normally there.”

The Stack

NC State goes with the 3-3-5 stack as its defensive alignment – three down linemen, three linebackers, five guys in the secondary.

The idea is to get more speed on the field, and to allow for varied fronts, coverages, pass rushing schemes, the like.

UVA has played State once in the past million years, it seems.

This is the challenge for offensive coordinator Robert Anae.

Getting ready for a defense that you don’t see every day.

“The beauty of college football is everything from week to week is unique,” Anae said. “How fast can our guys graph the difference? How well can they understand what’s going on as they’re doing their stuff? All of that is on display. So, yeah, we got a monumental task this week, but nothing changes. If we can block and secure the football, those kind of things eventually produce really good outcomes. So that’s our mindset.”

Clemson fallout

The assumption on the part of sportswriter types is that, you know, hey, you just played Clemson, they’re the best team in the league, maybe the best in the nation, that ought to get you nice and ready for the rest of your season, when the competition won’t be anywhere near as good.

UVA co-defensive coordinator Nick Howell isn’t having it.

“In this league, everybody’s got good wide receivers, everybody’s got good quarterbacks. The difference between making a play and not making a play is very minimal,” Howell said. “You have to be on your A game at all times. I do believe that when guys make plays, whoever it’s against, I do believe that breeds confidence. It really comes down to making a play.”

Story by Chris Graham

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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