newstop 3 industries most impacted by influencers and how businesses can capitalize in the age of social media

Top 3 industries most impacted by influencers and how businesses can capitalize in the age of social media

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There’s no doubt about it: technology has infiltrated itself in all areas of life. And as a result, marketing and brand messaging have discovered a new identity – one that is (or should be) seriously reliant on influencer marketing. By 2020, it is estimated that influencer marketing will become a 10 billion dollar industry. The digital sphere is home to influencers from the widest range of fields and niches, each using distinctive platforms, ranging from YouTube to Instagram and Facebook – and they are literally shaping various industries, especially ones that are highly visual, like fashion, beauty and travel.

Fashion and Social Media Influencers – A Match Made in Digital Heaven

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The number one business most impacted by influencers is, undoubtedly so, fashion. These days, up to 60% of businesses in the fashion niche (and that includes both clothing and accessories) count on influencers to do the job – to promote, wear and ultimately sell their products. With serious marketing strategies in line, using influencers to promote the latest chunky high heels, pearl jewelry or shift frocks is a no brainer these days – especially when said influencers are often considered authorities in their field. With backgrounds in fashion writing, styling or simply with a demonstrable massive following that warrants them the label of veritable trendsetters, the stylish social media influencers of today are the means to more exposure, targeted campaigns and, ultimately, more sales.

Beauty and the Gurus of the Social Media Scene

The terms ‘beauty guru’ or ‘beaut influencer’ might be relatively new ones, but the concept has been around for many years. And the first beauty spokespersons were no other than old Hollywood’s glam divas, starting with Marilyn Monroe, who notoriously advertised her favorite perfume (Chanel no. 5) and her favorite skincare product (Ernő László) over 60 years ago. These days, beauty gurus are found on a wide range of platforms, with the most popular being YouTube and Instagram, where they show off their makeup skills, review the hottest products and participate in beauty challenges, many of which are sponsored by beauty brands, in exchange for exposure.

Travel, Lifestyle and the Business of Aspiration

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Not only are influencers able to curate enviable lifestyle brands, sell you the latest chic jewelry, make you buy the latest perfume, but they are literally changing the way people travelwith the power of ‘#goals’. There are major shifts happening at this very moment in the landscape of the travel industry. Whether they are advertising hotels, restaurants or travel essentials, social media influencers are still perceived as solidthird-party sources, providing authentic information regarding services and products in the lifestyle and traveling niche. These days, influencers that tell you where to stay, where to shop, where to take your Instagram photos, where to eat and where to perfect your tan on your next holiday are actually considered tastemakers – and they’re in the business of aspiration. In a world where Millennials are the biggest consumers, aspiration is a great selling point, considering that this generation is more focused on doing things rather than owning them.

Jumping on the social media marketing trend entails a variety of different strategies – here are just a few tips on how businessescan capitalize in the digital era:

1.Embracing the newsjacking craze. Social media made newsjacking a thing – but what does that entail? Basically, you, as a brand, can jump in on hot stories, associate yourself with a specific pop culture phenomenon or a new meme. By doing so, you are building an opportunity for your brand to be seen, heard or even become viral, all thanks to the immense power of social media. The trick here is to be the first brand to jump in on the hot topic, because joining in too late will just make you look like a follower rather than a leader.

2. Targeting and customizing ads on various social media platforms. There are many reasons why brands should consider advertising on social media platforms and this one is at the top of the list. Highly targeted ads, personalized up to the tiniest details with your audience in mind are a great tool for bringing the right kind of customers to your business. Take Facebook ads for example, which give you the possibility of targeting your ads to potential clients of a certain age, sex, education level and even lifestyle (based on the user’s likes).

3. Bringing greater engagement to your brand and expanding reach with social media influencers. As detailed above, influencer marketing is here to stay – and it’s never too late to join the wave. Since both Gen Z and Millennials alike embrace social media influencers fully, partnering up with a carefully selected influencer in your niche is the ‘must do’ of the moment.



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