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They’ll have to pry the keys to WWE from Vince McMahon’s cold dead hands

Chris Graham
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Vince McMahon ain’t going anywhere unless he wants to go somewhere, and he doesn’t want to go somewhere, so the investigation into his alleged affair and hush payment is going nowhere.

McMahon, whose local tie is that he’s a Fishburne Military School alum and benefactor, is under investigation by the WWE board for a $3 million hush payment to a former employee following an alleged affair.

That the investigation is being led by the WWE board sounds official.

Except that, McMahon’s WWE stock gives him supermajority control of the board.

You can see where this is going.

The investigation could end up revealing that, sure, in fact, McMahon paid off a former employee following an alleged affair.

It could find that, to borrow from Donald Trump, he shot somebody in front of the entrance to the WWE headquarters.

McMahon isn’t going to be forced out.

Which is why you saw him on “Smackdown” last week, and “Raw” this week, not necessarily addressing the allegations or the investigation, but just to remind you that, he’s still around.

He “stepped down” as WWE chairman and CEO during the investigation, yes, but the interim chair and CEO appointed in his stead is Stephanie McMahon-Levesque.

Yes, his daughter.

And Vince is staying on as head of creative.

There is one way he goes somewhere.

Vince is bulletproof because of the billion-dollar TV contracts WWE has with NBCUniversal and Fox to air “Raw” and “Smackdown” and WWE’s monthly premium live events.

If NBCUniversal and Fox were to decide, upon an investigation that would turn up improprieties on the part of McMahon, to exercise some internal legal language in their contracts to get out of those deals unless McMahon were to be sacked, well …

Vince would go down with the ship. You know.

He ain’t going anywhere.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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