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Story of Virginia Campaign receives major gift from Herndon Foundation


newspaperThe Virginia Historical Society (VHS) is proud to announce that the Herndon Foundation, a charitable organization, is fully funding its new main entrance.

The addition to the VHS headquarters building will be named to honor Helga K. Gottwald who is a long-time supporter of the Virginia Historical Society.

Virginia Historical Society President and CEO Paul Levengood said: “The new Helga K. Gottwald Gateway to History will serve as the entrance to our facility and collections. The two-story structure will provide easier access to VHS programs, and will make the entire space more inviting and welcoming for all our visitors. ˝

The second story of the new space will house special VHS collections.

Construction on the new entrance will begin in the Fall of 2014 and will be completed in May 2015. While the new entrance is under construction, visitors can enter the VHS through the Learning Center.

The “Story of Virginia Campaign” is a $38-million effort to further the VHS’s mission to become one ofVirginia’s premier centers for learning and civic engagement.

More than $30 million of the Campaign’s goal has already been raised, and construction has already begun on the additions and renovations to the VHS headquarters building.

“The ‘Story of Virginia Campaign’ is ambitious,” said Levengood.  “But our trustees, friends and supporters are rising to the challenge. We are honored that the Gottwald family has taken the lead on this phase of the project.”

Levengood added that the Campaign’s primary goal is to put education at the heart of the Virginia Historical Society’s mission: “The ‘Story of Virginia Campaign’ will maximize our current space, enhance our use of technology and put more of our priceless collection on display. When completed, Virginia history will be more accessible, in more ways, to more people than ever before.”



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