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Seeing the light: Changing the look of your kitchen with lighting

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Kitchen lighting is often an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be. According to Peter Grenier Massachusetts, owner of Wicked Good Cabinet Works, changing your kitchen lighting is a simple way to update the look of your kitchen. Best of all, it offers a major bang for your buck.

Consider your lighting needs

Of course, you want your kitchen to be beautiful. However, it also has to be functional, explains Peter Grenier Massachusetts. Do you use your kitchen only during the day, or do you find yourself whipping up a light night snack?

Do you have a bar or island that doesn’t get enough light to see properly? Does your stove have enough light to cook by? Keeping these things in mind can help you decide where you need more light, and which type of light is best.

Under cabinet lighting

Under Cabinet lighting is severely underrated, Peter Grenier Massachusetts notes. It does more than allow you to find the one pan you are searching for in your cabinet. It also reflects light out, which can make your kitchen appear lighter and bigger.

The majority of your lighting will come from overhead. Adding under cabinet lighting gives light in the room another dimension.

It is also available in many colors. Instead of painting your cabinets or changing your backsplash, you can easily change its appearance with the right color light. You can choose bright white or soft yellow lights, or even leds that can change color.

A statement piece

If you want to upgrade your kitchen, you can do so by adding a beautiful light fixture, Peter Grenier Massachusetts states. Chandeliers are always a great choice, and come in a dizzying variety of styles.

If you have a modern kitchen, consider a shaded light to add a little interest without being overdone. A sleek light made of metal, or painted black or white also looks great in a modern home.

If you want your kitchen to stand out, consider glass orb pendant lights. They are understated and sleek, while also being a great conversation piece.

Upgrade your sink

Your sink is likely the least favorite area of your kitchen. Dishes aren’t something you are likely to look forward to. However, the right lighting can make the area more inviting and fun. Choose a funky pendant light to add light as well as whimsy to an otherwise dull sink.

Cut it out

A cut-out light can add visual interest and warmth to your kitchen. Use it in an area that needs extra light, or feels a little dull. It works well over a sink or an island. The advantage is that it looks great even when turned off, but truly draws the eye when it is on, according to Peter Grenier Massachusetts.

Track lighting

Peter Grenier Massachusetts says track lighting is extremely popular in kitchens today, and for good reason. It can be easily adapted to any kitchen size, layout, and style.

If you have a rustic kitchen, use metal pendant lights to  blend modern and rustic. For a  minimalist kitchen, choose sleek pendants or track lights. Black spotlights are a great option for a modern kitchen, and range from subtle to eye-catching.

Track lighting can also add symmetry and allow you to define a space. If your kitchen feels scattered or directionless, consider track lighting that follows a walkway or a rectangle over a particular area.

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