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Randy Forbes: Reflections on what a Republican majority means for 2015


randy forbesAs we look to a new year and a new Congress, we have before us a unique opportunity with a Republican majority in both Houses. In November, I believe the American people made their voices heard loud and clear. Those of us who champion limited government, individual liberty, and economic prosperity were entrusted with control of both the House and the Senate.

Now, as we look to 2015, it’s vital that we realize that with this trust comes not just an opportunity, but — most importantly — an obligation: we must turn the tide in our country, and return to the principles that propelled this nation to prosperity and greatness in the first place.

What are the American people asking of their representatives in 2015? I believe voters are fed up with Washington’s systemic dysfunction and want to see a government that gets things done. Conservative voters want to see elected officials roll up their sleeves and push back against an arrogant Administration’s overreach on immigration, on healthcare, and on so many other areas of their lives. They don’t want to see political games — they want to see leaders with principles and with guts stand up and fight for the soul of this nation. They want borders secure, veterans taken care of, budgets balanced, and businesses freed to create jobs. They want waste cut, government abuse and overreach stopped in its tracks, and the economy lit up so their children and grandchildren can have a future ripe with opportunity. With the new Congress, the GOP has a duty to make these priorities realities — and that’s what I look forward to seeing in the new year.

Some people called November 4th a “big win” for Republicans, I think we can more accurately describe it as a great responsibility. This is a pivotal time for our country. We can choose to go quietly into the night or to roll up our sleeves, tackle each issue one at a time, and fight for the future our country. I choose to fight.

Randy Forbes represents Virginia’s Fourth District in Congress.



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