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Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


Opening: “After a very disappointing loss, I think we’re going to be challenged this week in getting ready to go to Boston College in how we come back from that loss and how we react this week. We’ve got to put it behind us and get going. This Boston College group will absolutely hammer you. They’re physical and they’re tough. Boston College has always been that way, but I think it’s more so right now. It’s quite a challenge for our football team.”


uva-vt-frank-beamerQ: Coach, describe the mood at practice on Sunday; a couple players said you could tell people were down.

A: “Well, I’d be disappointed if they weren’t down, it’s a disappointing loss. The other side of it is to find out what went wrong, figure that out and get it right and then go out and play better this week. We’re going to have to play better, there’s no question about it.”


Q: You guys had a lot of time-of-possession and yards on Saturday, was there something that went wrong that led to you guys not being able to score the points?

A: “A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I thought we did some things a little better and there were also some things we didn’t do. It still gets down to making plays at the right time and we just didn’t get it done.”


Q: Do you think the running game took a step forward and improved on Saturday?

A: “I think it did. We had a lot of time-of-possession and a lot of yards; just a couple more plays and we’d feel different right now.”


Q: What are your thoughts on BC recently; do you think they struck gold with Matt Ryan, as evidenced by them falling off a bit in recent years?

A: “The thing you always know about boston college is that they’re tough. They’ve taken that a step further now. They’re an extremely physical football team that will run it right at you. They have the leading rusher there in [Andre] Williams. With their offensive line, you know you’re going to get a really physical and really good group to go against. They have an experienced quarterback. That’s what you always know about BC. They’ve always been very tough and they’re even more so this season.”

Q: Did you notice Logan not going through his progressions as well or doing anything different from the last 3-4 games on Saturday?

A: “I think all of us had our moments [on Saturday]. When you lose like that, it’s not any one person; it’s all of us together. There isn’t a single person on our football team or coaching staff that couldn’t have done something better to help us win that football game. I think that Logan and Coach Loefler will work through what was good and what wasn’t. We know that Logan wants what’s best for this football team and wants it to do well, we just have to continue to be good around Logan.”


Q: Talking about the interceptions and the score, is it just that this offense can’t overcome that many mistakes?

A: “I don’t think many offenses can. The thing is, they were turning it over too. That’s usually a thing we’ve done really well on: hanging onto the ball, doing well with kicking it and winning field position. When you give up the ball on a turnover, that hurts you more than anything. I think that determines games more than anything else.


Q: You guys had been doing so well with ball security, did Duke do things schematically that confused him? He said a couple of the balls he threw were bad decisions.

A: “I think when you go out there and compete, some days are better than others, but I have all the confidence in the world in Logan Thomas. He’s the guy that’s very much the leader of this football team. He’s very much the guy on this football team that can bounce back and play well this week.”



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