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Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


frank-beamer-ndOpening Statement from Beamer: We really have our work cut out for us this week. We’re talking about an offense that has scored 83 points in their two games. Their quarterback is hot. He’s got seven touchdowns with no interceptions. He’s completing 80 percent. They have some really skilled people who are really good. They won seven of their last eight games at home. They have eight returners on offense and eight returners on defense. They are an experienced, good, explosive team. They are tough on defense and they have really good athletes over there. They are a veteran defensive team. We’ve got to make a great preparation this week.

Beamer on spreading the ball out passing Saturday: I thought that that was good. It’s really based on where the read takes you, but getting the ball around to different guys, trying to get more guys involved and feeling comfortable that you have different guys who can make catches and run with it, is good.

Beamer on Charley Meyer: Hopefully we get him more involved this week. He is a guy that is dependable so he’ll be more involved this week.

Beamer on playing in Greenville: Someone told me that five of our last seven games at ECU have been decided by seven points or less. East Carolina is a dangerous team. They’re on that list of non-BCS schools that have beaten BCS schools. They have our attention and respect.

Beamer on defensive touchdowns: I think that always needs to be a threat. Last year, we had a lot of young guys on defense but I thought we improved as the year went on. I think part of it has been us and part of it has been the way the ball bounces. Hopefully, that bounce goes our way a few times.

Beamer on ECU’s QB: He’s certainly accurate that’s for sure. Anybody who can complete eighty percent is good because that’s hard to do on the pass scale. He’s mobile. He has good pocket presence and he’s not an easy guy to get pressure on. And he’s got good skilled people around him. He’s got quality wide receivers and running backs. They’ve got some guys who can get it done.

Beamer on Kalvin Cline: He’s athletic and he’s smart. We threw him last week. Offensively, we move around a lot and shift so there’s a lot of stuff going on. We threw him in there and he didn’tmiss much. To not be a round it and not getting reps, to being thrown in there and picking up most of it is really pretty impressive. He’s got some toughness and he cares. I like the kid. He gives us a little stretch there. You’d like to see him get a little bit bigger and stronger and he will in time. He’s only a true freshman. He’s an athletic tight end and hopefully he can help this year.

Beamer on improvements in receivers: We made a couple of tough catches and had some balls that should’ve been caught but far less than the previous week. They spent a lot of time at practice catching balls and we’ll do that again this week and see if we can have zero drops.Beamer on Willy Byrn: His strengths are consistency. He’s smart. He runs his routes at the correct depth. I think Logan can anticipate with him and get the ball out of his hands before the break because he has confidence in him. That’s a great thing for the quarterback. If you and your receivers are on the same page and can anticipate and get the ball, out it’s a lot easier to play quarterback that way.

Beamer on Mangus’ position changing: I think we’ll get him out there in space some maybe with a motion or something. Joel [Caleb] made a couple of tough runs and I was really impressed with him. Mangus certainly on the long run made a couple of guys miss and then outran the rest of them. Joel came in and showed good vision and toughness. From one week to the second, that position got a lot stronger. We have J.C. Coleman back and he’s feeling better. He tweaked his ankle a little bit, but I think he’ll be better this week than he was last week. That’s starting to look better.

Beamer on Teller and Osterloh possibly redshirting: We will if we can. We’re just really thin. If we can, we’d like to. That’s the plan right now.

Beamer on running back position: J.C has some explosion in there and good knowledge of pass protection. I think he’s a solid all around back for us just like Trey is. We’ll see how we practice this week and we’ll determine how much they run later this week.

Beamer on Andrew Miller’s injury: We miss his mentality and his toughness. He’s exactly what you want. We’re better when he’s in the ball game. Not just physically, but mentally what he brings to that group. He’s doing pretty well. It’s an ankle injury, but Mike Goforth is saying he’s coming on well this week, but later this week we’ll know more.



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