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Parenting Now symposium features author Marietta McCarty


marietta mccartyAuthor and philosopher Marietta McCarty joins Carrie Contey PhD and several of the most innovative minds in the areas of human development, conscious parenting, psychology, neuroscience, holistic pediatrics, mindfulness, parenting for social change, the science of play, and more in the Parenting Now symposium series.

These conversations will enlighten and guide you toward making family life blissfully your own.

Parenting! A wild and wonderful ride full of ups and downs, ins and outs and a whole lot of trial and error. Chances are it always has been. And, we live in a time like never before. More technology, more access to the world at large, seemingly more choices about education and nutrition and activities and on and on. So, what does it mean to parent in this day and age? What does it mean to really know yourself as a person and a parent? What does it mean to know your growing people as they unfold into more and more of themselves? What does it mean to be present to family life?

IN other words, what does it mean to Parent Now?

McCarty’s interview with Contey focuses on deepening your relationships through honest conversation. Some of the big ideas in this session include:
– Creating and holding a philosophical perspective in family life
– Cutting to life’s core with more question and more wonder
– Recognizing that children, even young children, are masterful philosophers
– Practicing genuine, heart to heart, open conversations with people of all ages
– The art and practice of uni-tasking

McCarty’s interview is the first to be unveiled in the series and will be available for free for 24 hours beginning Monday, Nov. 10, at 3 p.m. EST. More than 750 people have already signed up to take advantage of this free symposium.

No matter what stage of life your little ones are in — babyhood, toddlerhood, childhood or teenhood — this time in history is like no other.
Come gather information, inspiration and tools that will catapult you into living a joyful life with your growing ones, here and now.

Parenting Now starts November 10! Sign up for FREE here.



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