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Letter to the editor, Staunton News Leader


Op-Ed by Erik Curren

newspaper3.gifEnough already, dear editors, with the porn shop stories – please.
This non-issue may sell papers, but it distracts our citizens from the genuine challenges Staunton faces, for example: How can we create a 21st century economy with high-paying, challenging professional jobs? How can we grow our size while maintaining a high quality of life? And how can we go beyond the legacy of Jim Crow to achieve equal opportunity for all, regardless of race?

On a scale of ten, where these problems are eights or nines, the legal scuffle around a store selling videos and novelties (no matter how spicy) surely rates no higher than a two.
Please recognize the intelligence of your readers and give us more coverage that matters – not sensationalism that titillates our baser natures or even puff pieces about “quirky” jobs and hobbies, but investigative reporting that helps us better understand our community and inspires us to do better for all.


Erik Curren resides in Staunton.



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