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Judge denies gun lobby effort to block enforcement of Fairfax County gun safety law

Chris Graham
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A federal judge blocked an attempt by the gun lobby to obtain a preliminary injunction to prevent Fairfax County from enforcing an ordinance adopted in 2020 restricting guns in county parks, government centers and permitted events.

U.S. District Court Judge Claude M. Hilton made it short and sweet in a one-page order issued on Wednesday: “plaintiffs’ motion is denied.”

The suit, originally filed in a state court by the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, has been winding its way through the court system for the past couple of years.

The plaintiffs decided, after suffering a series of setbacks at the local and state level, to drop the first suit and refile in federal court in November, in apparent hope that the change of venue would give them a fresh start.

“We’re very pleased by the court’s ruling that Fairfax County can continue to enforce its common sense and life-saving ordinance,” said Janet Carter, Senior Director of Issues and Appeals at Everytown Law, represented Fairfax County in the case, alongside lawyers from the County and from the law firm Offit Kurman.

“Keeping guns out of sensitive places like parks and permitted events has no doubt made the Fairfax community safer,” said Carter, who argued the case for the county.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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