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Jackson: War on Poverty harmful to black families


ew jacksonRepublican lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson is calling attention to the harm he says has been done to the black family over the last five decades as a result of the War on Poverty.

“The evidence of many studies and government statistics show that out-of-wedlock births among black families is about 80 percent among the inner-cities of America. In testament to the strength of the men and women who endured the horrors of slavery in America, the black family remained largely intact nonetheless. It is that much more shocking therefore that we have seen the erosion of the black family in the last 50 years since the rise of the War on Poverty,” Jackson said.

The comments on this issue have brought criticism to Jackson, who defended himself saying the focus of policy efforts needs to be on economic growth, not handouts.

“The real jobs that people need can only come from real economic growth.  We can’t just keep creating more programs to solve the problem of poverty.  The existing programs have not worked all that well.  Many people are hurting and need a job that will sustain them throughout life.  That is why greater economic growth is the focus of my campaign,” Jackson said.



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