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How do sports betting odds work?

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The boom in the world of online sports betting continues unabated. Online bookmakers have in the last two decades virtually “mushroomed.” While in the UK sports betting can look back on more than 100 years of tradition, the betting business has prevailed in Europe, despite all the resurgence. Newcomers often ask themselves, how do sports betting actually work? What do the odds mean or how can you really win?

Sports betting is pretty simple – there’s no big secret behind it. Basically, there can be talk of a small fight between the bookmaker and the customer. The provider specifies the odds, which the user can accept or reject.

The basics

  • The bookmaker evaluates a sporting event and determines the starting probability. Based on this, “fair quotas” are calculated.
  • The bookie now inserts his mathematical profit margin, from which the real betting odds follow.
  • The customer can place his bet on these quotes. The calculation of the yield is always based on the formula: Betting quota x stake.

Here are some of the most important betting possibilities

  • 1 – home victory (on neutral ground the first-named team or the athlete)
  • X or 0 – a draw
  • 2 – away win (on neutral ground the second named team or the athlete)
  • 1X – Double Chance (home win or draw)
  • X2 – Double Chance (away win difference)
  • 12 – Double chance (home or away)
  • Plus Event Over for example goals, corner balls or yellow cards
  • Minus event Under analog

How to successfully bet on sports?

Customers who want to earn more need above all knowledge. The bookmaker sets the odds for the game successful sports bettor judges each event himself. If he comes to a different estimate, he has found a so-called value bet. He then places his bet on this “good” quota. Sports knowledge is the top prerequisite for achieving long-term stable earnings. Betting for the odds will often lead to a loss. You can find some advanced guides to understand odds all over the web discussing this topic

The peculiarities of live betting

A special feature in the bookmaker’s offer is the live betting. As the name suggests, the tips are placed during an ongoing encounter. Excitement, adrenaline and fast betting evaluations are inevitable. Especially recreational player use the real-time tips quite like, on the other hand, absolutely nothing to object.

The sports betting professionals, however, usually keep their fingers off the live betting. The reason is obvious. The decisions have to be taken in seconds. A real analysis of the encounters and the betting markets is hardly possible. The tips are literally placed out of the belly. In addition, the betting odds are sometimes well below the pre-match sector.

Can one actually earn money with sports betting?

Yes. Calling sports betting a pure gamble would certainly be wrong. Although the legislation in Europe is not yet uniform, it is probably the rule in Austria that is most accurate. In the Alpine country sports betting is considered a game of skill. Although luck always plays a role in betting, it is not decisive. The rating can be compared to poker a bit. With finesse and consideration, yields can be earned.It is essential to note that the majority of customers lose when betting on sports – but there are also other careers. Anyone who sticks to a precise strategy uses his knowledge, cannot afford either greed or frustration, and has the opportunity to win in the long term. Yet, know that the most successful players know exactly how sports betting works and often have many years of experience.

Betting should be a recreational activity

Even if you know the 1 × 1 of the betting business and know exactly how, for example football sports betting work, you should not aim to make it your main source of revenue. See sports betting as a pleasant entertainment, which can now and then flushes some extra cash into the household budget – but nothing more.



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