Home Home elevators becoming a popular addition to homes across America

Home elevators becoming a popular addition to homes across America


home elevatorsFrom luxury homes to those that need to be made wheelchair accessible, there are many homeowners who are taking steps to have elevators installed. In fact, in homes across America, home elevators from companies like home-elevator.net are becoming really popular. Continue reading to learn more about this design trend.


Not Just for Celebrities and the Wealthy Anymore

Even though you might think that home elevators are only found in the luxurious abodes of the rich and famous, the truth is that this rising trend is finding its way into more and more homes as baby boomers are taking advantage of the benefits that home elevators can provide. As a result of the rising trend, many new home elevator companies are popping up everywhere you turn, and those that already existed are expanding in order to meet the growing demand.


An Easier Way to Get Around

For many people, a home elevator isn’t something that they get merely to show off to their friends. Instead, it’s a means by which they can get around the house while easing the burden on their joints. Again, baby boomers are one of the biggest markets for home elevators, as they’re in search of a way to get around in a less painful manner.

In addition to the older crowd, though, younger families are also taking advantage of home elevators. Imagine being able to easily bring your groceries upstairs, or being able to easily carry your babies and pets around the house.


The Types of Home Elevators Available

There are three main types of home elevators that have become increasingly popular.

Hydraulic elevators are a great addition to homes that have the space for them, as they’re quite large. These elevators require a machine room where the necessary equipment can be stored to operate them. So while a hydraulic elevator may seem like a great option, it’s a better option for those who are in the process of building a custom home because you can set aside the room for it. Otherwise, it may be tough to add this to an existing home.

A traction elevator is also known as a machine roomless, or MRL, elevator. The advantage with this type of elevator is the fact that you don’t need to have a separate machine room. Instead, it will operate by sliding down and up a track using a counterweight. This is good option for homeowners that are retrofitting, but beware that it also requires extra space above the elevator in order to store its equipment.

Finally, the pneumatic elevator is the newest version made available. This elevator works a lot like the tube that you use to make a deposit at the drive-through of your local bank. A large polycarbonate tube, measuring 37 inches in diameter, has a separate tube inside and works using air pressure. The great thing about this type of home elevator is the fact that you can install it without having to build a machine room or shaft. Therefore, it’s easy to add to an existing home.

Elevators aren’t for commercial buildings anymore. For those who want the added luxury of not having to climb stairs all day, modern home elevators are perfect.



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