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Down with Debt fundraiser raises awareness about the student debt crisis

money-newlinksOn Tuesday, May 12, young political leaders will host the first Down with Debt fundraiser to prepare for political action and raise awareness about the crisis of student debt.

Admission to the event is based on the amount of student debt that attendees hold. Levels can be found here.

The event model borrows from the equality bake sales that raise awareness about the disgusting pay gap that exists between men and women.

“Student debt in America has reached a crisis point. People, both young and old, are struggling under more than a trillion dollars of student debt,” said James Lewis, the executive vice president of the Virginia Young Democrats and the issue advocacy director of the Young Democrats of America. “In many ways, those burdened with debt and their families are putting off their lives. They are putting off starting a family, purchasing a home and investing in their retirement. It’s past time to do something about it.”

The event builds off a growing social media movement of young people posting their student loan bills online to raise awareness about the crisis. Event hosts have the option to have their student debt load published in event materials.

“People shouldn’t be ashamed of their student loan debt; they should be angry,” added Lewis. “I have more than $30,000 in student debt and that’s below the average. Clearly, the time has come for action to address this crisis.”

In addition to those with debt, many are not attending college or putting it over because of fear of debt.

“People should not be deterred from going to or finishing college because of the threat of looming debt, like I am,” said Morgan W. Jameson, the event’s co-chairman, and the national committeeman of the Virginia Young Democrats and the finance director of the Young Democrats of America .

“So far, we’ve gotten great feedback for the event. Many people are joining as hosts because they know this is a crisis and it needs to be addressed,” added Jameson.

People can become event hosts by donating $25 and recruiting five others to attend the event. More information is available here.

“In our post-Citizens United world, this event has become a fundraiser because political organizations, especially youth organizations, need the resources to fight back against vested special interests that seek to keep the debt load rising and political leaders that have no interest in addressing this crisis,” added Lewis.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m at Bar 201 at 200 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington D.C.



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