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Dolph Ziggler: WWE protected me during concussion issues


Dolph_zigglerWWE superstar Dolph Ziggler gave a big thumbs-up to WWE for its efforts to try to protect talent who suffer concussions in-ring. Ziggler suffered two concussions, last May and again this past January.

“WWE has been so in depth and so over the top with protecting everyone that even when I was medically cleared, they still waited much longer to make sure I was fully recovered,” said Zigger in an interview on “The Shark Show” on 94.1 KNRA in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this week.

Ziggler had a promising run as the World Heavyweight Champion cut short by the May concussion, and has largely been on the bottom rung of the mid-card since. Presumably the lack of push is out of caution for Ziggler’s health.

Ziggler seems to have no concern about how he’s being handled.

“We go above and beyond knowing what we know now about concussions, and if I had any concerns, there is no way in hell I’d be back in the ring,” Ziggler said. “My brain is way too smart to get it ruined. We’ve taken precautions, and I took my sweet time getting back in that ring and now I feel like a million bucks.”



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