Battlefields Foundation launches crowdfunding campaign

Battlefields Foundation launches crowdfunding campaign


Using a modern tool to preserve a piece of history, the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation has launched its first crowdfunding effort, using the Razoo platform, as part of its efforts to preserve and revitalize the historic Lee-Jackson Building in New Market.

virginia-blue-oversizeIn 2013, the Battlefields Foundation found a new home when it purchased the historic Lee-Jackson Building, which was originally built in 1808, and has connections to famous names such as Stonewall Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and John Philip Sousa.  Now the SVBF plans to revitalize that building into a vibrant orientation center featuring visitor, educational, and historic information for residents and travelers, young and old.

To support that effort, entitled “Preserving the Legacy of Lee-Jackson,” the SVBF initiated a campaign to raise the funds needed to accomplish the work.  The Foundation is pursuing multiple avenues to raise those funds, including grants, appeals, and local fundraising efforts – and now its new crowdfunding appeal through Razoo.

Crowdfunding sites, the most well-known of which is Kickstarter, help groups reach a wider audience and leverage a greater range of donations to fund a project or endeavor.  The Razoo platform is specifically designed for non-profit organizations and efforts such as the SVBF’s Lee-Jackson campaign.

“By diversifying the fundraising methods, we not only engage new interest in this significant project,” says Janice Hannah, SVBF’s Donor Relations Manager.  “We also demonstrate SVBF’s commitment to serving as an anchor for community awareness and positive economic growth.”

The SVBF has launched a project page on the Razoo platform, complete with an introductory video, images, giving level and rewards, and a description of the project.  To donate to the campaign or to learn more about the effort, you can visit that page by going to and searching for “Lee-Jackson.” (The direct link is  You can also visit the SVBF’s website,, and look under the “About Us” section to learn more about the campaign, the history of the Lee-Jackson, and the plans for its future.  And you can also find links to learn more on the SVBF’s Facebook page.


The “Preserving the Legacy of Lee-Jackson” Project

This “Preserving the Legacy of Lee-Jackson” campaign will not only see a rebirth of this historic building; it will also make it a place where history is kept alive. At its heart will be the SVBF’s new Civil War Orientation Center, which will provide orientation, visitor, historic, and educational information for the entire Shenandoah Valley. Visitors will be able to learn about the Valley’s dramatic Civil War story, then discover the sites where they can explore that history today.

The focal point will be the Lee-Jackson education and interpretation gallery, featuring tools, material, and displays for young and old alike. These tools – hand’s-on activities, interactive kiosks, and engaging storytelling – will help foster the next generation of history buffs while providing fascinating historical information for the current one.

The gallery will include:

  • ·         A wall-spanning map of the Valley and its Civil War sites;
  • ·         Panels with historic information, featuring timelines, maps, quotations, and imagery;
  • ·         Short historic films;
  • ·         Orientation videos, including one on the Valley’s Civil War story and an introduction to the Civil War for young people;
  • ·         Animated maps, including battle maps;
  • ·         Interactive displays and kiosks;
  • ·         On-site activities, including hand’s-on displays and scavenger hunts;
  • ·         Previews of mobile tools – apps, podcasts, guides, and more –that visitors can download to their smartphones;
  • ·         Printed materials such as visitor guides, driving tours, and activity sheets.

For more information, visit, or contact Janice Hannah or Amy Proctor at 540-740-4545,[email protected], or [email protected].



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