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7 essay mistakes teachers wish students stop making


Students make mistakes, and this is a thing teachers need to make their peace with. Following, we are going to mention a few mistakes teachers wish their students stop making. So, read carefully and assure you avoid them in future.

1. Arguments

Teachers always emphases that you have to defend the thesis with a strong argument. Some students take this too seriously, and this is why they write too many facts, statistics, and quotes. If you write a basic essay based on five paragraphs, then you need three arguments at best. You don’t have to complicate the whole thing with lots of statement.

Putting a lot of material won’t help make your argument more believable. It might get the thing sidetracked.

2. Plagiarism

It’s a literal offense in education and academia. You are supposed to use different sources to offer evidence for your theses and arguments provided there. However, you must meet the references asap. Paraphrasing is the same as plagiarism. You cannot present someone else’ ideas like yours.

Every teacher uses some sort of plagiarism tool to see if your work is your own or not. If you are caught, you will face serious consequences. When you write an essay, you have to take a unique approach and use different sources to support your statement.

3. Confusing Intro or Conclusion

The introductory paragraph is supposed to introduce the reader to the main concepts and thesis statement. On the contrary, the conclusion has to summarize your main points and restate theses. This sounds simple, but it’s simple how students manage to make the section of their essay confusion. You have to come with an effective introduction and conclusion.

You better revise these parts as many times as you can until you perfect them.

4. Neglecting Instructions

When it comes to writing an essay, every teacher forwards a set of guidelines and instructions to the student. It will give you the right direction and help you finalize your approach. If you deviate from these guidelines, you are wasting your effort.

This is a risk that won’t pay off. If you do something like this, you will only irritate your teacher by submitting useless content So, you better read the instructions and follow them precisely.

5. Not Recognizing the Importance

If you have a tone of work needed to be completed, you have to recognize the issue. If you need some help, you shouldn’t be ashamed of asking for it. When you realize you cannot complete the work in a given time or you won’t maintain the quality of work, its time you hire essay writers to help you out.

We are not saying this is the most idealistic solution, but it will help you sustain yourself. Besides, when you collaborate with a pro, you get to learn a few things in the process.

6. Skipping a Few Post or Stages

When you finish writing, don’t think your work is don’t. You need some time away from the essay. Take a break and invest yourself in something else. After a while, you can come back and start editing the assignment to finalize it. Make sure the structure is clean, and your arguments are strong. You need to finalize every detail before you submit your document.

7. Not Adding Strength in Your Work

The thesis is the backbone of your essay. An essay should be constructed in the following way:

  • Topic
  • Opinion
  • Reasons
  • Thesis

The Thesis statement expresses your thoughts on the topic and tells the reader who to develop the topic. A Thesis statement explains two things, what you plan to argue and how you are going to do. You have to support your thesis with your ideology; it’s a core element of essay writing.



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