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Latest on ACC Network, Comcast

ACC NetworkESPN is continuing to work with Comcast in hopes that the carrier will pick up the ACC Network, according to a source privy to the negotiations.

What that means for you, Comcast subscriber: you’re still waiting.

The ACC Network, you may remember, debuted back in 2019, back when it seemed inevitable that it would be available across the cable and satellite TV spectrum if not at the outset, then shortly thereafter.

Two years later, literally every other carrier that matters has picked up the ACC Network, but Comcast, a big player in the ACC footprint, has yet to sign on.

That can’t be good for ESPN and the ACC, in terms of the tens of thousands of folks who presumably would tune in to the programming, particularly football games on Fridays and Saturdays, if they had access.

Those lost eyeballs mean lost revenue streams for the ACC and its member schools, unfortunately for the ACC and its member schools.

Comcast subscribers can get access, of course, by plunking down extra money for a Sling, YouTubeTV or similar streaming subscription, but not everybody can afford to do that, or even if they can, will decide to do that, given that we’ve been told for the past two years that a deal is in the making.

Our source tells us that the ACC and ESPN want Comcast to carry ACCN, however, to date Comcast has not signed up to do so.

So, we’re still in waiting mode.

Story by Chris Graham