How to boost sales for your e-commerce store via Instagram

instagramInstagram is currently the best social media platform that organizations, whether start-ups or seasoned should use to boost sales online. The platform now has more than one billion subscribers, with more signing up every day. More than 500 million of these subscribers check their accounts every day. Out of these subscribers, about 80% of them follow at least one business account, while 60% got to know about a particular brand or product on Instagram. These numbers represent a very big and potential market for e-commerce business. You need to see all the business statistics to see the extent to which this platform can boost sales for your e-commerce, you can view them like this. Let’s see what you should do to boost your sales for your e-commerce store.

Create and Post Quality Content

This should be the first thing you think about when you open your Instagram account. You need to know your target audience before you can start posting. Once you understand this audience, you can then proceed and create quality and attractive content. It is this content that draws Instagram users to your account. The more people are drawn to your account, the more followers you get. You can then work on converting these followers to your customers. Keep in mind that the content you post if the fuel that drives the growth of your Instagram account.

Paid Ads

Instagram algorithm is designed in such a manner that users get to see the best 30% of the content posted on their feeds any time they get to check out their accounts. This ideally means that they might miss a whole 70%. If you want your brand to be among those on top of the users’ feeds, then you have to go an extra mile in addition to just posting content. Paid ads play a big role in pushing your content high up on the users’ feeds. The ads are worth every cent considering that more than 30% of users will buy a product directly from Instagram.

Post Content Consistently

In addition to posting quality content and paying for promoted ads, you need to post consistently. Your followers and potential followers check out your account for new content every day. Posting on a regular basis keeps them engaged and keeps your account high up on users’ feeds. You will have more engagement if you post at least once every day than a person who posts only once in three days.

Post at the Right Time

Posting quality content at the right time is important, but not enough. You need to enhance your engagement. This means that your audience must see and react to your posts if you want to convert any of them to a buying client. It follows then that you should read your fans behavior, to understand how they use their Instagram accounts. Business Instagram accounts provide you with data that shows you when your audience is the most active. It is at this time that you should consider posting your best content. The more your followers view and react to your content, the higher you rank up Instagram users’ feeds, and the higher your chances of getting yourself some customers. You should know that about 66% of visits to your account are usually from users that do not even follow you on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories

This is a fairly new feature but has gained a lot of popularity. A staggering 400 million users utilize this feature every day. Instagram stories are usually pinned right on top of users’ profiles. Most people simply log into their accounts to go through these stories for entertainment without checking the main profile. It is here that you should try your best to make a good impression to have your audience check your main profile or even click on one of your links to go to your e-commerce store. You can post videos or images or a mixture of both. A video will run for about 15 seconds, but you can post bits of it to showcase even a three-minute video. However, you should aim at keeping your videos as short as possible to avoid overwhelming your audience. When used correctly and effectively, Instagram stories are very effective in enhancing engagement and promoting sales.

Use Hashtags

Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags. You do not need all those though. A few right hashtags will expose your brand far and wide. Hashtags enable users that are not your followers to see your content. About 66% of visitors to business profiles do not follow those accounts. Most of them will have come across these accounts thanks to hashtags. If you really want to increase your brand visibility, then take time to research the best hashtags related to your niche.

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