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How information and analytics change the sports world nowadays

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Who would know that the sports world is going to change so fast and so dramatically? If you wonder what we are talking about, let‘s be clear from the beginning of this material. The sports world has been modified every single minute and if you wonder what drives these changes, it‘s today‘s most valuable and precious currency in the economy – the information.

The sports world has been facing a new era. It‘s the era of analytics and information. The one that has taken the lead in this revolution is definitely the Americans. We have been observing the way the National Hockey League in the States (as well as the one in Canada at some point) has hired its first analytics experts. Their job I to make the local hockey decisions more professional. And more adequate. How is this possible?

The new factor in the sports world – the analytics

In the past managers used to be fully in charge to decide what a player is needed for the team and who needs to go away. Today, there are experts who are fully obliged to make a whole analysis and then, to make a decision. These experts use big data and information to decide whether someone is supposed to go away or join the team. Indeed, this role for the management reminds of the old but gold scouts. But scouts relied on their intuition, while the analytic experts rely on the expertise. This expertise is a result of the long-term analytic job. There are no more risky actions. There are only decisions that lie on solid data and predictions based on statistics.

Aren‘t all of these approaches borrowed from the sports betting world?

Well, at some point yes. Those of you who have participated in any form of baseball betting or other sports betting activity (like long-term football bets, live tennis bets, etc.) know the secret to the successful gambling experience. The secret is in the previously made research. Punters usually use data from analytics and statistics to make up their minds whether a team is capable to win over the other team. It is mentioned that nearly 80% of the top successful gamblers from the popular online bookies listed in regularly use stats, live scores, and analytic data to convert potentially winning bets on a regular basis. Moreover, currently, the gambling industry has been more and more often speaking of so-called responsible gambling. Reliable platforms for betting reviews like Bethap invoke for reasonable bets rather than betting based on your today’s luck. And the results are obvious – those who lean on the stats are those who win more often.

Whether it’s about making a decision on what bet to place or how to provoke the team’s future success analytics and information are key factors to listen to. As long as you know how to read them the right decision becomes quite more possible.

What about you? Do you use stats and analysis when predicting events with real money? If you don’t, you should definitely take this approach as soon as possible.

Story by Katherine Lores

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