Evergreen business niches from DJL Dato Jonathan Lim

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Looking for a new business idea for 2021? Perhaps Malaysia’s most successful young businessman can help.

2020 was hard on all of us. We lost a lot. We lost lives, we lost family members, we lost friends and loved ones. Many of us also lost our jobs, careers, and livelihoods. To this end, 2021 has been a year of rebuilding what was lost… and that extends to our businesses.

We knew when the bottom fell out of the Crypto market that the economy was about to take a huge hit. We knew when governments-imposed sanctions, closing down high streets to protect lives. We know that the sacrifices made were necessary, but that doesn’t make the blow of losing your life savings or your career any less stinging.

Throughout it all, Malaysia’s success story DJL Dato Jonathan Lim has been forging on with his business empire. While he couldn’t invest in new businesses, he hedged his bets and funded property, instead. The property market has been one of the few areas that has remained unchanged by the coronavirus epidemic. If anything, it has made it more profitable.

DJL Dato Jonathan Lim says now’s the time to start a new business

With so many changes in the air and the worst thought to be over, DJL Dato Jonathan Lim says now is the time to get back into business. The culling wrought on the business world by Covid-19 has left some huge shoes to fill in the working world.

DJL Dato Jonathan Lim has been a business mogul for many years now. Aged just 32, he has amassed an impressive portfolio of investments worth over £10,000. DJL has become an accidental influencer on social media, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers through his many IT businesses and other ventures as a motivational speaker. In Malaysia, he is known to be one of the best career businessmen of the last few years.

So, what does this innovative business mind say about starting a new venture in 2021?

‘Property is big right now’

Property investments are what has made DJL Dato Jonathan Lim his millions. Property investments give the most return for your money, whether you be house flipping, downsizing, or buying to become a new landlord. Placing money in property got many of us through 2020 and it will do so again. Even in crashes, it still retains a large portion of its value.

‘Online businesses are trending’

Online businesses are trending in a big way. While before, everyone was looking at bricks and mortar businesses, 2020 proved that those not on the internet were seriously missing out. In fact, plenty of big department stores we thought would be around forever didn’t make the cut. Most of that has to do with how quickly they got online.

Top tip: Online clothing stores have the potential to be just as needed as the high street ones.

‘Apps, apps, apps!’

App development, web design, web development, and even digital marketing are huge right now. That’s not something that’s going to go away, either. Those that work in the digital world are safe and secure in their roles right now and managed to ride out the pandemic reasonably unscathed. That’s something we can all look towards in future.

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