Attention, UVA football fans: Your favorite team next week is … Virginia Tech

UVA footballIt goes against nature, I know, but after losing to Pitt Friday night, UVA fans find themselves having to root for, wait for it, Virginia Tech next weekend.

You really, really want the Hokies to lose, I get it. A loss for Tech at Pitt drops the Hokies below .500 overall, and to 3-3 in the ACC, basically toast in the Coastal Division race.

And, there’s nothing better than a sub-.500 Virginia Tech football team in November.

(OK, that, and any day that involves a loss for Duke basketball. But you get the point.)

That aside, you need to fight your instincts on this one.

Tech wins, and, yes, they’re 4-2 in the ACC. But, so is Pitt. And also: UVA.

That’s a three-way tie for first heading into the final two weeks.

We want to play in Charlotte, which, yes, it’s just the right to get served by Clemson on the Tigers’ way to the College Football Playoff.

But still, it’d be a first for the program.

And we’d still have to win at least one on the road at one of the Techs, and maybe both.

But, if Pitt beats Virginia Tech, it’s the Panthers who have the inside track, at 5-1, road games at Wake Forest and Miami, only needing one of those two to punch its ticket to the Clemson Curb Stomp.

That’s our ticket. We want that butt-whuppin’.

Which means: Go Tech.

(I already feel like I need a shower.)

Column by Chris Graham

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