4 key hiring tips for new business owners

businessWithout the support of talented and committed professionals, no new business venture will reach its full potential. Indeed, new business owners who lack the experience of their competitors need to make it a priority to surround themselves with the most capable staff possible. However, if you’ve never conducted an interview or posted a job offer before, you may struggle to find the best employees in your field. After all, since there are so many ways to make money in today’s business world, identifying the right fit for your company can be a tricky prospect. Fortunately, you can use these four tips to ensure you make the right staffing decisions for your small business:

Make the Hiring Process Collaborative

Though business owners will reserve the final say on all hiring decisions, it’s a wise move to reach out to your current staff members for their feedback regarding potential co-workers. At the end of the day, your employees need to have a strong working relationship to succeed, and if your current team members feels uneasy about a potential hire, then you should seriously vet their concerns before making a decision.

Use Precise Language in Your Job Description

Resist the urge to stuff your job descriptions with buzzwords and vague language in an effort to make a position sound more glamorous than it actually is. There’s no need to advertise for a “specialized long-form and marketing content creator” when what you really need is a “copywriter.” Not only are ridiculous job titles disingenuous, but they’ll turn off experienced pros who can see through the facade. Instead of trying to trick someone talented into taking a job at your office, be honest and upfront about your business’s needs, expectations, and aspirations.

Respond ASAP

This should be obvious, but any time you speak with a candidate for a new position, you need to respond to their application and any subsequent messages in a timely manner. For one, it’s unprofessional to keep someone waiting, but more to the point, you risk losing skilled professionals to competitors if you dally too long in your process. Most job-seekers will apply to multiple businesses at the same time, and they can’t afford to wait forever for a response. Remember, thanks to communications breakthroughs from progressive VoIP vendors, it’s never been easier for professionals access key files and documents –– even when traveling. With that in mind, there’s no reason a business owner should struggle to get in touch with someone applying for a position.

Value Traits You Don’t Have

It’s easy for business owners and managers to fill vacant positions with people they like and who they relate to on a personal level. Though it is important for your staff to enjoy a certain level of camaraderie, it’s better assemble a diverse crew capable of analyzing problems from multiple angles. If your team all thinks the same way, your business will never progress as it could. In conclusion, it’s best to hire pros who will challenge your current setup and actively look to improve upon it, rather than maintain the status quo.

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