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3D jigsaw puzzles by UGears

wooden puzzle
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In the modern noisy and hectic world, a person increasingly feels the need to escape from the hustle and bustle, clear the head from unnecessary thoughts, abstract from the catching-up reality, plunge into the world of fantasy, and create something with hands.

UGears mechanical models are both calming and educational toys that little ones, older children, and even adults are happy to play with. Wooden parts of 3D jigsaw puzzles are easy to assemble and attach without glue or additional equipment; completely different figures and models can be assembled from such a mechanical puzzle — nothing limits the imagination of you and your child.

Diversity of modern wooden puzzles

These 3D puzzles for adults and building kits, combining a construction set and a mosaic at the same time, managed to win the hearts of not only little explorers but also their parents. Currently, the assortment of UGears 3D puzzles presented on the website is constantly increasing; so, it will not be difficult to find a suitable set for both boys and girls. The main thing is to take into account the level of training and experience in assembling these puzzles.

UGears wooden model kits for adults

The main highlight of 3D wooden puzzles for adults is the mechanisms. Putting together the pieces of the puzzle, you get not just a trinket stored under the dust somewhere in the closet but a well-coordinated mechanical figure, consisting of hundreds of parts and gears:

  •  UGears Hurdy-Gurdy
  •  Dream Cabriolet VM-05
  •  Cash Register
  •  UGears Carousel
  •  Treasure Box
  •  Date Navigator
  •  Amber Box etc.

By purchasing a wooden 3D construction set in the UGears brand online store, you can completely immerse yourself in the fascinating process of its assembly. This is a great chance to escape from the pressing problems of the adult world and get a good mood and an interesting pastime, which is guaranteed to every family member.

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