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Writing a good book

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Writing a book may be a lifelong dream for you, but it has always seemed out of reach. The research shows that approximately 75-80% of Americans have wanted to write and publish a book at some point in their lives, but only 0.1% have accomplished it.

You may think that there is some secret formula that can boost your creativity. Though, there is no single path to do it even if the writing gods will sometimes smile upon you. Every writer and their experiences are unique. Every successful paper writer has individual patterns and writing habits that help them reach their goals. If you want to write a great book, try to research these ways and compile them somehow.

This short guide will help you achieve your dream to write a book. The tips provided here are based on the information and advice from the most successful writers. It does not matter whether you have been dreaming of a writing career since your childhood or have just decided to start it. The article will give you some knowledge you need to write a book and do it successfully. For some helpful writing tips you can find top paper writing services for this task.

Find the big idea of your own

The most important thing is an idea. Without it, you will never move further than the first page. Whether you have something vague on your mind or are at a total loss, ask yourself some simple questions about what you want to write about, what you feel is important to write about, who will be reading this story, and what ways to use to carry out this idea most effectively. Answering these questions will help you narrow down the subject and make the best option. If you have several ideas but feel that one of them is closer to you, start with it.

Even if you completely lack the ideas, answering these questions will make you move in the correct direction. Keep in mind the book you would rather like to read or that one which has made a great impact on you. Maybe your book should be written in a similar way, genre, or style.

Do some genre research

If you have your favorite genre, you are on the right path. Look once again through some of the most representative titles of this genre and try to reconsider them. Pay attention to how long every book is, how many chapters are in it, what the story structure is, and what specific themes are used for this genre. Then try to answer the question of whether you can write a book with similar characteristics and elements.

Continue your genre research by offering some new ideas. For example, consider who will be a narrator of the story, or if you are planning on writing a nonfiction book, what kind of extra knowledge you need to get to cope with the task.

Develop the outline

There are many ideas on whether making up an outline is worth it or not. If it is your first creation, the outline is strongly recommended because you need to have something to rely on when it seems you do not know where to go further.

Make up a strong beginning

The beginning of the story is quite crucial. The very first page accounts for its further success or failure. A reader can lose interest while looking through it. So, try to attract their attention with the very first lines. Make a strong and capturing statement in the very first sentences, and it will become a great starting point for your story development.

Try to make the reader feel closer to the main characters by explaining their personal details, ambitions, and motivations on the very first pages. Only the main characters should be introduced at the beginning, and it is better to choose only one or two of them.

Try to invent the opening lines and the whole scenes that are really captivating. Set the stage vividly and emotionally for the benefit of future action development.

Concentrate on the content

Never believe in the statements about getting an impressive style first for the success of the book. No speech figures or impressive word combinations can substitute for the true substance of your book. So, you need to emphasize the plot, themes, conflicts, and characters instead of just making elaborated sentences that may not be structurally connected to what you really want to say.

Your book should not be a filler, so make it a killer

When you have just started writing, the temptation is to take up literary gymnastics. It is also called a filler and makes readers feel confused and frustrated because they do not understand what it is all meant for. Outlining is essential for avoiding that. You should remember all the main points of your story well before you start putting them into letters.

Use the ‘reader-first’ principal

It is always rewarding. Think about your target audience so that everything you write could meet their needs. Your story should be understandable to readers, and every scene needs to match it even if some of them are not too exciting. Even some static or boring scenes may be important for the story development. So do not rush through them because your readers may easily get lost if they do not see clearly how the tension has been built and why the pacing is not smooth.

Some other tips to consider

The summary of the tips that may help you write a good book cannot include all the ideas and pieces of advice. How to write a good book is a separate part of a big literary scientific research. However, here are some other principles you can take into account on your path to becoming a successful writer:

  1. Set up a healthy daily routine.
  2. Never skip your writing sessions (if you need to do it, not more than one session can be skipped).
  3. Arrange your working space productively.
  4. Using writing software is an important option. Or some academic resources like
  5. Mind your motivation and always boost it.
  6. Use setbacks when you hit the wall (sharing your experiences with friends and family is not the worst option).
  7. Avoid rushing forward at the end of work.
  8. Receive as much feedback as possible from your friends and people around you.
  9. Get your book published.

There is much more about the word count and productivity, procrastination, and time management. Everything that can help much should be taken into consideration.

To sum up

There are many routes to take when you are going to write a book. To make it really good, you do not need to follow every single tip you have ever heard or read about. Everyone’s approach to writing is very individual. So, follow your mind and heart and create a true masterpiece for your benefit and delight.


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