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Wittman urges Biden administration to support Israel, not re-enter Iran nuclear deal

Rob Wittman
Rob Wittman

First District Congressman Rob Wittman sent a letter Monday to Secretary of State Antony Blinken urging the Biden administration to refrain from re-entering the Iran nuclear deal.

The reason, to Wittman: the prospect of returning to the agreement has intensified the conflict between Israel and Hama.

“It is no secret that Iran is one of the primary sponsors of Hamas, and while Iran has not pulled the trigger on the recent violence themselves, they have loaded the gun. By considering a return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, President Biden sends Iran and its proxies the wrong message,” Wittman said.

“Instead of standing alongside our ally, Israel, President Biden considers not only taking pressure off Iran but providing them with billions of dollars in sanctions relief. Iran could then use these billions of dollars to fund Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, even as they attack our ally and attempt to escalate conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The longer President Biden considers this weak and misguided course of action, the more it emboldens terrorists in the region, thereby placing Israeli and Palestinian civilian lives in greater danger. We cannot allow Iran to continue funding terrorism, especially against the United States and our allies. If we wish for peace in the region, we must continue to exert maximum pressure on Iran in order to force them to negotiate a workable agreement in good faith,” Wittman said.

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