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Who is WiziShop? The new SEO-powered ecommerce solution

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Online retailers understand the importance of working with an effective and trusted ecommerce platform. The software used to build and launch an ecommerce store can make a notable difference in customer experience, so entrepreneurs are always looking for new resources to improve their shops. Now, a new ecommerce platform is preparing for its international launch. WiziShop has served French-language ecommerce retailers since 2008, but they’re ready to bring their services to a global audience.

How to use WiziShop

WiziShop advertises itself as an SEO-powered ecommerce solution. Because search engine optimization is such an important factor in digital marketing, they keep it at the forefront of their work. Every WiziShop store is optimized for search engines, so users don’t need to become SEO experts or incorporate SEO elements on their own.

With a WiziShop subscription, retailers can build an ecommerce store from scratch or transition their existing shop to this platform. The service is capable of supporting businesses of all sizes. Accessibility and ease of use are two of WiziShop’s key priorities, so their goal is to make creating an ecommerce website as simple as possible.

WiziShop’s subscription includes all of the platform’s available features, so business owners don’t have to download extra modules or choose between different monthly packages. Retailers can choose between a number of store templates that are all optimized for search engines and for user experience. Each template is customizable, so entrepreneurs with a specific vision for their store can bring it to life with WiziShop.

Because WiziShop includes the technical elements of SEO in their shop design, retailers can focus their efforts on branding and marketing. Elements like SSL, caching, and AMP formatting are already built into the site, so business owners are free to pursue creating marketing endeavors, such as content creation and social media marketing.

Why SEO matters for ecommerce

While the best practices for SEO change every year, search engine optimization is just as important as ever. Ecommerce is an incredibly competitive industry, and small businesses need a strong marketing strategy to establish a presence in their niche. When a shop ranks on the first page of Google results, they become visible to a much wider audience.

SEO provides an excellent return on investment compared to other marketing strategies because it serves the content to people who are actively searching for the products. These individuals are highly likely to become customers. They’re already searching for the product, so retailers do not need to convince them that they want to make a purchase. Instead, ecommerce businesses simply have to make their presence known. SEO is the tried-and-true way to achieve this goal.

Brand recognition and credibility are additional benefits to SEO for ecommerce retailers. Consumers trust recognizable and familiar brands, and ranking highly on search engines helps to build this familiarity. Even if an individual does not immediately make a purchase after their search, they’re more likely to become a customer in the future because they’ve seen the brand before.

In the years since WiziShop’s launch, the platform has served more than 250,000 retailers. The world of ecommerce has grown exponentially in the last decade, and WiziShop has grown alongside it. Their team has carefully crafted software that helps both small and large businesses improve their visibility and expand their audience. With their international launch, they hope to bring these services to retailers around the world.

Clients have access to a number of features, including video tutorials, one-on-one business coaching, and 24/7 customer support. WiziShop’s international launch comes after many years of success and positive user reviews, so the future bodes well for this SEO-powered ecommerce solution.

Story by Amit Maji

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