Travel Jamaica: Explore the hotels and culture

businessDubbed as the land of All Right,’ Jamaica is one colorful Caribbean island that comes with its own soundtrack. The birthplace of reggae is forever flowing with beautiful sandy beaches graced by crystalline blue waters and lush plantation. Understanding the Jamaican culture opens doors to an understanding of rich hospitality and humanity that characterizes the island life.

If you are juggling with the idea of a Caribbean vacation, then the following facts may help in your decision making. Jamaica is a unique destination with much fun and sites to see that one holiday is never enough. It is a place that you cannot mind vacationing forever.

The Land of Adventure

Of course, the Jamaican beaches deserve more time that you have for your vacation, but you need to dive deeper to uncover real gold of adventure. Mainly, you can immerse in snorkeling, plunging into cool waters or enjoy the graceful bamboo rafts.

The Great River white-water rafting tour, for example, will give you more than a fair share of a rush. There are more than 100 diving spots for those that want to take the water adventure to the next level. Specifically, Negril is the place to be for divers with such sites as the Deep Plane, and Throne Room, home to soft corals and giant sponges.

But Negril is not only a scuba diving hub but also an ideal location for cliff diving. The most popular among them is the Rick’s Café, with deep and calm turquoise water and, of course, you will surely have an audience.

The adventurers can explore the beautiful unblemished forests by biking or hiking. You can even go mountain climbing to the Blue Mountain Peak and its brothers.

There are several exciting long line zip-lines for the most adventurous such as the Great River zip line measuring 1600ft. The H’evan Scent features several zip-lines with options to hoist visitors as high as 50ft for an adventure of their lifetime.

Jamaica is the ideal destination for the adrenaline junkies looking for decent surfs to complement their skills. Favorite spots include Port Antonio and Boston Bay. For the more accomplished surfers, Copa, Makka, and Ranch, located southwards in Kingston, will provide a good measure of adventure.

The Black River holds some of the largest reptiles on the Caribbean island. Boating past the mangroves will reveal a group of shy crocodiles, swimming around in search of food.

An Island Rich in Music Beats

Music is the language of the soul, and no place in the world best underscores this fact better than the Caribbean nation. With pioneers like Bob Marley, the island continues to churn out some of the best beats that the world applauds. Music is one of the main ingredients of the Jamaican culture, and it is hard to not dance to the beats.

You can start your vibe tour with Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, in Montego Bay, and Pier One for some of the best nightlife experiences. However, the jig is never enough without a visit to Kingston, the birthplace of reggae and dancehall beats. Kick off the music tour with a visit to the Bob Marley Museum to get you in the mood. The Tracks & Records sports bar will get you grooving until you have no energy left to sample other places.

Jamaican Cuisine

Another unbeatable feature of the Caribbean destination is its sumptuous cuisine. The Jamaican food, with deep roots in the Jamaican culture, features traditional yam, finger-licking jerk, low cholesterol plantain stews, and fish dishes. A Jamaican vacation is also a dive into a new world of delicious foods to treat the taste buds to a vacation of their own.

The island’s tropical fruits are fresh, sweet smelling and tasty right from the trees. A blend of rum from the oldest refinery in the country will wash down the rich Jamaican cuisines, and you can relax and appreciate your Caribbean vacation.

Boston Bay may not keep up with other Jamaican locations by music beats and adrenaline-rich sites but leads by smell and taste. The Caribbean location is the birthplace of the jerk, a famous Jamaican spice rub. Boston Bay has numerous jerk stalls where the island’s sweetest smoked meats to treat your taste buds can be found.

Explore the Hotels and Attractions

If you ever do visit Jamaica be sure to stay at a family-owned hotel on the island or one of the many amazing Jamaica resorts. There’s so much to see and do while you’re here so you’ll probably want to book a week or two.

Feel free to hire one of the many fantastic tour guides on the island so that you’ll get that rich, authentic Jamaican experience. There’s so much to do and so much to see. Don’t delay, visit Jamaica and get ready to “Feel Irie!”

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