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Top 6 tools for bike owners

Gear yourself up with these devices from our list to get comfortable and safe ride. Take the first step towards becoming a real biker.

Trickle Charger

Trickle Charger is a compact device that helps maintain the battery power and it is can stop self-discharge. Usually, this device makes a pulse charging process. A trickle charger is provided with short circuit protection and incorrect polarity connection. It fits all types of lead-acid batteries, including AGM and GEL. However, the automatic charging process takes a few hours. If you face any trouble finding the best trickle charger, just check out reviews at

Tire Pressure Gauge

This item makes it easy and convenient to check the tire pressure at any time. The unit is usually made of durable and long-lasting materials. Measures are displayed in several units (PSI, BAR, KRA) and can be easily switched from one to another. The easy-to-read LCD display is big enough to distinguish all the inscriptions. Some models are equipped with blue backlight to use it at night. Besides, they have a joint due to which the gauge screen can be turned in the right direction.

Emergency Wheel Repair Kit

Often, such a kit includes a special drill file, a sturdy needle with a demountable eye, several raw rubber reinforced bundles, and a tube with the glue. It doesn’t take much space. This kit allows the tire to be repaired without removing the tire from the wheel. However, it won’t help save the wheel in case of serious damage, but you can do the repairs for a short time.

Hex Keys

The tools are used to work with fastening components that have a hexagonal splineway. They allow you to spin bolts from an angle with no effort, where access is limited. The key looks like an L-shaped hexagonal rod. A chrome steel key is considered to be one of the best because the material doesn’t bend even under significant loads and is not exposed to corrosion.

Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench is a must-have for every bike owners because bikes are built with small hardware and lightweight materials that need to be tight enough to remain safe and secure. So it helps tighten parts on the bike. Although, too-tight parts may be even worse than broken ones of your bike. Still, if these parts aren’t torqued correctly, your bike may not function in a proper way. A digital torque is designed to measure the force of the twisted wheel.

Oil Filling Syringe

The syringe is made for pumping and pouring oils and lubricants. It’s used for the gearbox, axle cases, bearing gun lubrication, and other components. The device is made from aluminum and additionally equipped with a flexible hose.