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The top three ways a rowing machine workout can improve your health

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If you’re a complete newbie in the world of rowing, you probably have a lot of questions. For that reason, we’ve decided to compose a short guide on what you can expect from a rowing workout and why a well-organized rowing machine workout plan can be extremely beneficial to your health.

Indeed, if you’ve never taken up rowing before, you might be skeptical of whether you can do it. However, we’ll break it down for you right away and tell you that these workouts aren’t challenging, and people with various fitness levels can master them.

List of the top three health benefits a rowing workout can induce

Here’s a list of the top three benefits a rowing workout can prove for your overall health:

1. A rowing workout prepares you for an outdoor sport in nature

For example, unlike basketball and football, where you practice at an enclosed stadium and carry out all matches on the court or field, rowing is an outdoor sport with no limits of mobility to one court, field, or stadium. When you master your rowing machine workout plan and go on a rowing spree for the first time, you’ll face beautiful sceneries surrounding the river you’re rowing on. For that reason, we may safely say that rowing is one of the healthiest sports, in that it exposes you to fresh air and sunshine.

2. A rowing workout is meditative

A rowing machine workout is entirely stress-free for your body, which is quite relaxing. Since it’s relaxing, you’ll feel like you’re mentally healthier, which is probably the greatest benefit of rowing workouts. Why is this so? A rowing workout simply doesn’t have numerous stimuli from the outside, like running, for example. Since it’s relaxing, we can say that rowing workouts are quite meditative – all you have to do is establish a rhythm for your workout, close your eyes, and breathe in and out accordingly.

3. A rowing workout is a stress-free workout for your body

Rowing is a sport with a low-body impact, which means you can increase the intensity of a rowing workout to the maximum while keeping your body and muscles stress-free. Since a rowing workout is stress-free, the recovery time after a rowing workout will be much shorter than after going for a run. In other words, a rowing workout is mild and beneficial to your health, as you will always be in complete control over the intensity of the workout.

Story by Justina Gurskaite

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