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The must-have handbags for summer

Your handbag helps you create a great first impression with everyone you meet. This summer you are sure to meet a lot of new and exciting people, so it may be time to invest in a new handbag that you can turn heads with. Every season calls for a new, stylish bag. Picking the perfect bag to go with each season can be a challenge but we are here to help. If you are looking for the hottest trends in handbags this summer here are a few. These handbags are sure to attract the attention of everyone around you. They will be looking at your bag and asking you where you got it. If you get one of these bags this summer you will surely be the new trendsetter. The hottest celebrities will surely be sporting a few of these bags and you should be too.

Credit: mettus

#1 Chanel Flap Bag

This handbag is beautifully designed and sure to keep all eyes on you. It is lambskin and gold tone metal. Its classic design is great for any place you are going, whether it be a first date, a dinner party, or a night out with friends. It costs 3,500 dollars but is a steal for the incredible and delicate design. This bag comes in both black and white so it is sure to match any outfit you are planning to wear. It compliments dresses, shorts, and jeans.

#2 Chanel 2.55 Handbag

This modern handbag comes in four different colors and materials. It comes in denim and gold tone metal, printed lambskin and gold tone metal, tweed resin and silver tone metal, grained calfskin and gold tone metal, and denim and gold tone metal. The different materials and colors of this Chanel handbag allow you to pick your favorite. You can accessorize this handbag with any outfit. It makes the perfect small bag to use when hitting the town. It is priced at 4,200 dollars.

#3 Adidas Originals Clear Festival Crossbody Bag

This simple and small clear bag is the perfect option for Summer if you are planning on attending any concerts, parks, or festivals. Many festivals are requiring their guests to have clear, plastic bags to hold their belongings. If you try to enter with a regular purse or another bag you may be denied entry. Be prepared for any scenario and purchase a stylish clear bag that will keep all of your essentials safe and looking cute. Not only will this help you gain entry to your favorite spots, but it is also waterproof and can keep everything you pack safe during any weather conditions. This bag comes in at only thirty five dollars.

#4 L *SPACE Simon Bag

This netted bag is a new take on a handbag. Its texture helps set it apart from all other bags. It is the perfect beach bag because it has an island feel. Just looking at the bag makes you think of the warm sand and splashing waves. It is bamboo handle makes it even more unique. This bag can compliment any bathing suit. It is priced very conservatively at 88 dollars.

#5 Neon Complet Valery Micro Belt Bag

Summer is the perfect time to wear bright colors and accessories. With the sun shining you want to stand out in the crowd. Wearing bright colors allows you to get noticed and get all the right attention. While wearing neon colors may be a bit dramatic for some, sporting a neon handbag is the perfect way to brighten up your day. This bag is a neon orange. It can be worn three different ways, including a belt, ring clutch, or as a crossbody. The variety allows you comfort any place you plan to go this summer. This handbag is priced at 450 dollars.

#6 Fendi Baguette Bag

This handbag is sure to make heads turn. It is a denim bag with a variety of colors and beading. The bright pink outlines and accents of green, blue, pink, and silver can help you match any outfit. If you are trying to get yourself noticed this is definitely the bag for you. It can dress up any simple outfit or make an outrageous outfit even more noticeable.

#7 Prada Sidonie Suede Bag

This simple bag with elegant curves comes in a variety of colors, including bright yellow. Yellow handbags are the perfect option for summer. If you do not own a yellow handbag you are in desperate need of getting one and this could be perfect. This bag is relatively small but is sure to hold all of your essentials. It has perfect curves to accentuate your own curves. If you are planning a vacation this summer, this is a must-have. It can be paired with almost any outfit to help you stand out in a crowd.

#8 Chloe: Chloe Leather Shoulder Bag

This classically designed handbag is made of leather, giving it sustained durability. The giant C on the front of the handbag draws your eye to the wonderfully designed bag. The gold tone metal of the C and the chain are sure to turn heads this summer. This bag will surely be one of the top trending handbags this summer. The shoulder bag is a great bag to take with you anywhere. It is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to travel with. Whether you plan on hitting the beach, going to an amusement park, hitting the night club, or walking through town on a nice summer night this bag will definitely get everyone talking.

#9 Givenchy GV Bucket Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

While this bag does not have bright colors or textures like most people think of for a summer bag, this modern, stylish bag features a white bag, black handle, and gold trimmed chain. The different accents on this bag will turn heads this summer. It is a moderately large bag. It works perfectly for holding anything you may need this summer, like a bathing suit, sunscreen, sunglasses, and all of your other personal belongings. This bag is meant to be shown off to the world.

#10 Loewe Medium Woven Basket Bag

This woven basket bag is the perfect bag to take to the beach. Its woven basket material makes it incredibly durable. You can easily shake loose the sand from your afternoon tan and use it to hit the town at night. It features a leather strap and accent piece on the front to make it appear more elegant. It is perfect to take with you on your travels this summer.

No matter where you plan to go this summer, you can find the perfect handbag to take with you. Whether you want a classy, elegant handbag for a first date or job interview, a woven basket bag for the beach, a neon colored bag to spice up an outfit, or a clear plastic handbag to take with you to a festival, there are a variety of top trending bags this summer. Finding the perfect bag is always a challenge with so many to choose from, but here are some of the most stylish bags, even the celebrities will be wearing.

Your handbag says a lot about you as a person and can truly show off your style and individuality. Use your handbag this summer to set a great first impression. With so many handbags to choose from, find the one that fits your style that you feel most confident wearing. A confident woman goes a long way and these bags will be with you every step.